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Ahi Squid Catcher

by Ahi


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Ideal 5 Hook Gangion that is designed to be used when fishing for squid in depths of 200ft or less. The rig features rich glow elements that can be seen in even the lowest of light conditions, along with 5 razor sharp squid hooks. The rig comes equipped Heavy Duty 100lb test leader with a snap swivel on the bottom of the jig for adding weight or light attractants like the Promar GS-715 L.E.D. Stobe Lights.

DescTitle: Squid Catcher
Lure Color: Squid
Lure Classification: Saltwater
Model Lure Color Lure Classification Price
SJ-500 Squid Saltwater $9.99
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Squid Catcher

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Ahi Squid Catcher
Sold Out ($9.99)
Squid Catcher
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