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Ahi Squid Jigs

by Ahi


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Ahi USA Weighted Squid Jig is an ideal jig when fishing for the larger squid in depths of 200ft or more. The body features a rich glow element that can be seen in even the lowest of light conditions and a 4oz lead body . The jig also comes equipped with an attachment ring on the bottom of the jig for adding weight or light attractants like the Promar GS-715 L.E.D. Stobe Lights.

DescTitle: Weighted Squid Jig, 6", 4 oz
Lure Size: 6"
Lure Weight: 4 oz
Number of Hooks: 2
Lure Classification: Saltwater
Model Lure Size Lure Weight Number of Hooks Lure Classification Price
SJ-460 6" 4 oz 2 Saltwater $9.09
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Weighted Squid Jig, 6", 4 oz

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Ahi Squid Jigs
Sold Out ($9.09)
Weighted Squid Jig, 6", 4 oz
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4 oz
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