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Bait for West Palm Beach, Fl Fishing

Choosing Frozen Bait in West Palm Beach

Angler Advisor Pro Tip – Put a big live bait down to make it worthwhile for that grouper to come out of his hole

Catch Your Own Bait Near Palm Beach Inlet

There are many baits you can catch on your own near Palm Beach inlet, including, pilchards, pinfish, mullet, crabs, google eyes, blue runners, ballyhoo and Bonita. Use a sabiki rig in shallower water around buoys and bottom structure near Palm Beach Inlet. If you have a dock or access to the intracoastal near Palm Beach Inlet and want to catch your own bait, place a pinfish trap with some fish heads, chicken pieces or a can of cat food with some holes poked in it. If you are proficient with a cast net and want to catch your own bait, put a chum bag out behind the boat in about 40' of water and wait for the small bait fish to come to you.

Finding bait in West Palm to cast net

If you want to cast net for your bait in West Palm Beach, first you will want at least an 8' cast net with a mesh size of about 1/4"-1/2". For pilchards and mullet, you want to look in the intracoastal water about 10' or less that also provides some cover like docks and trees. Another overlooked area to use your cast net to catch bait is right off the beach in West Palm. Get in as tight as you can to shore without risking being caught by a wave that could push you into shore and throw your cast net as the bait schools run along the beach. Whether you are looking for live bait near structure or the beach, the key is to be ahead of where you believe the school will be running and make as few tosses as possible to not spook the bait school.

Using a Sabiki in West Palm Beach for Bait

Using a sabiki to catch bait in West Palm Beach is the most popular, easiest and definitely much cleaner. The number one golden rule when using a Sabiki in West Palm Beach for bait fish is to use a fluorocarbon sabiki rig. Our experts have tested mono vs fluoro sabikis on all types of bait fish and we can tell you that the fluoro rigs far outperform the mono ones. Attach the rig to a medium to medium heavy rod and lower the rig to the desired depth. Once there, use a small up and down motion with the rod to bring the small flies on the Sabiki rig to life. You will feel the bait when they bite. We always give it a few seconds before retrieving the sabiki once a bait fish is on to allow a few more to bite for a multiple hookup.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am in West Palm Beach, should I use mono or wire Pre-Rigged Ballyhoo Bait in West Palm Beach?

Choosing between Mono or Wire rigged ballyhoo depends on what fish are in the area you plan on trolling. Fish can see the wire easier and may affect the bite. Mono is a much stealthier approach and should be used when you may encounter Tuna. Use wire when you think there may be Wahoo in the area you are trolling.

How do I use a sabiki to catch live bait around West Palm Beach?

The most important thing you want to make sure of is that you are using a fluorocarbon sabiki. Find a buoy or small reef structure that may hold bait. Once you see the bait fish on your fish finder, let out the sabiki and gently jig until you feel the bait fish bite. Use a small dehooker when removing fish from the sabiki.

Where should I use a cast net for live bait in West Palm Beach?

You will want to find an area that bait fish feel protected from larger fish when locating a spot to cast net bait. Look for docks, pilings, buoys, trees and oyster bars. The area around Munyon Island is particularly productive for cast netting when fishing in the Palm Beaches

Where in West Palm Beach should I use a sabiki to catch live bait?

You want to use a sabiki to catch live bait in shallower water off of West Palm Beach around buoys and reef structure. You can also use a sabiki with a heavier weight should you mark bait fish in deeper water.

How do I rig an offshore West Palm Beach ballyhoo bait for trolling?

Purchase a bait spring (nose cone) ballyhoo rig. Line the hook up with the ballyhoo and punch a small hole with the tip of the hook where the hook will exit the ballyhoo on it’s belly. Push the hook from behind the gills through the body and then through the hole you made on the belly. Finally, twist the bait spring around the pin and beak of the ballyhoo till tight and break off the excess beak.

What kinds of fish in West Palm Beach will I catch with a rigged Mullet bait?

Trolling a rigged Mullet bait will produce all varieties of fish in West Palm Beach. Mainly you will catch Wahoo and King Mackerel but do not be surprised if a big Mahi eats the bait as well.

What frozen bait should I use for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach?

If I only had to pick one bait for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach, it would have to be sardines. Everything you will catch while bottom fishing here in likes to eat Sardines and can be used whole or as cut bait.

Should I use Live or Frozen bait in West Palm Beach for bottom fishing?

You will usually have a better bite when using a lively live bait for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach. However, live bait is not always readily available, a close second would be frozed sardines or ballyhoo.

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