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Fishing Advice and What's Biting in Palm Beach

What advice should I expect to receive from a Bait and Tackle Shop in West Palm Beach

Obtaining advice from a bait and tackle shop can be hit or miss depending on which shop you visit. You want advice that is specific to you and your type of fishing. An angler in a 50' Sportfisher is not fishng the same way an angler in a 24' Center Console is. The bait and tackle store in West Palm Beach should take the time to understand what kind of fishing you want to do, your current level of experience and your goals as an angler. Only when the tackle shop is taking the time to understand you as an angler and making recomendations based on that understand will you know the advice is credible. Advice should not only be on recomendations or where the fish are but should include how to use your tackle affectively in West Palm Beach.

What should I tell the professionals when getting advice

You should tell the professional giving you advice as much as possible as this allows them to guide you to the perfectly paired tackle recommendations in West Palm Beach. Some of the things you will want to make a point of telling them are: 1. Your level of general fishing experience 2. Your level of experience for catching your target species 3. List the current gear you have - Rods, Reels, Lures, Tackle etc 4. What your goals are - ie.:"I want to catch more Wahoo" "I want to learn to troll with more than 4 lines out" 5. What your favorite brands are and why you like them 6. Where you will be fishing: Boat, Beach, Pier, Lake, West Palm Beach

I watched a bunch of fishing shows and they have different advice from my local bait and tackle shop

Fishing video and shows are abundant and especially with the ease of uploading videos to site like youtube. We have a saying around the shop here "Everyone has an opinion on fishing in West Palm Beach and they are not wrong but that does not mean they are correct." There are so many ways to catch fish and variations of each type can change from angler to angler. Our professionals in West Palm Beach, give advice to anglers based on the tactics they know will work in our area and is the best fit for you.

Fishing advice for beginners

Being a novice angler can be extremely overwhelming with all the different types of fishing, tackle options and opinions from everywhere. What does a beginner fisherman need? When you start of fishing keep a few things in mind 1. Remember you are out there to have fun. It takes time on the water to dial in your fishing techinque 2. Get advice from a knowledgable and helpful tackle shop 3. Have all of your tackle rigged and ready to fish before going out 4. Keep all of your tackle in the same place so it is easy to find when you need it 5. Do not buy tackle just because someone put up a youtube video catching a fish with it 6. Stick to the basics until you master them

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start saltwater fishing?

You will want a rod and reel that is built to handle the harsh enviroment of saltwater fishing. Get a fishing license and any additional stamps for your target species. Talk to the local experts for advice.

How do I get better at fishing?

Fishing is like so many other things in life, master the basics and then branch out. There are all kinds of new and cutting edge fishing techniques being introduced all the time in West Palm Beach, however, they all based on the basics of fishing and you will find many anglers that are extremely succesful, only fish the basics but have done it soo many times that they have dialed it in.

What should you not do while fishing?

You do not want to forget that fishing is all about having fun in West Palm Beach. You never want to be unprepared for a day of fishing, that inludes inspecting your gear, replacing leader, checking hooks and having your gear organized so you can get to it quickly when needed

What gear do I need for saltwater fishing?

There are so many types of rods,reels,lures and tackle that it can be hard to navigate all the information. Our experts are trained to understand all the information and guide you through the buying process so that you get exactly what you need.

Do seasoned anglers seek advice on fishing?

100% yes they seek advice. The most successful anglers in West Palm Beach are constantly discussing fishing with other anglers and comparing their information so that both can become better anglers. We constantly have very experienced anglers coming to see us for advice

What do I need to buy to start fishing?

There are a multitude of fishing tackle that will improve your chances at catching fish. Start with the basics and build from there. • Rod • Reel • Line • Leader • Hooks • Lures • Pliers • Cutters • Tackle Bag • Terminal Tackle • Hook Remover

What do I need to fish in saltwater?

The main thing you want to remember then saltwater fishing is that salt is highly corrosive and will quickly ruin gear that is not specifically designed for salt water fishing in West Palm Beach. Any rod, reel, lure or tool that you use must be designed and protected appropriately to survive the harsh saltwater environment.

What do I need to know about saltwater fishing?

The one thing most anglers do not factor in when saltwater fishing in West Palm Beach is that any day in any kind of waters, you may get bite by a fish of a lifetime. Anglers need to have the proper gear when fishing in West Palm Beach as a monster fish could take your bait even when you are targeting smaller fish.

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