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Palm Beach Fishing Hot Spots

Finding numbers to fish in West Palm Beach

There are a few ways to obtain numbers for fishing in West Palm Beach and different spots will hold different types of fish. The FWC has links to all the public numbers throughout florida. FWC numbers consist of artificial reefs and wrecks. Another resources for numbers is Navionics, they collect data from public numbers, local sonar findings and government navigational and sonar data in West Palm Beach. Paid for numbers and sounding, this will either be a one time fee or subscription service. The detail of spots and location can vary greatly from one service to another. Make sure to do your research before paying for numbers. Many times the public information combined with Navionics charts are all you will need for a sucessful day of fishing in West Palm Beach.

Understanding West Palm Beach fishing numbers

West Palm Beach offshore fishing spots can in some cases be the difference between a good day of fishing and a great day. Mainly the numbers you will want to use will be for bottom fishing, wreck fishing, deep drop fishing and swordfishing. The coordinates or "number" on the map can refer to all sorts of fish attracting material from hard bottom, sand holes, wrecks, natural and artifcial reef and large contour changes that are not readily available on public maps in West Palm Beach. You will first want to know what material or type of bottom the numbers are referring to. Once you have that information you can determine the type of fish that are likely to be around it. For example: Hard bottom will be holding groupers and snappers. Artificial reefs will have snappers, king mackerel and barracudas in West Palm Beach. Wreck will have amberjacks and african pompanos.

Artificial Reefs and Wrecks in West Palm Beach

There are many reefs and wrecks in West Palm Beach that you can do a variety of fishing at. Most reef and wreck numbers are publicly posted by Palm Beach County and can be obtained through their website. Artificial wrecks and reefs are man made and can be all sorts of materials from rocks, ships, concrete structures built to attrach fish and barges. Each one will atract different species in West Palm Beach depending on the depth of the structure, the height of the structure from the bottom and how wide the structure is.

Finding public numbers in West Palm Beach for fishing

There are many sources that you can obtain public numbers from in West Palm Beach. The FWC is a good resource that has links to all types of public information. Public numbers are posted on this page. Palm Beach County has a google map of local wreck and reef numbers that you can view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do fishing numbers mean?

Fishing numbers mean the coordinates of a natural reef, artificial reef or wreck. This numbers attrach fish of all kinds.

Do I have to have numbers to catch fish?

You do not have to have numbers to catch fish but having the right numbers can be the difference between a good day and a great day of fishing

Do you need numbers to find Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)?

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) are pelagic fish that are always on the move and searching for food. You do not need numbers to catch them but knowing the depth they have been caught in lately can greatly improve your chances of catching one.

How do I find numbers in West Palm Beach for fishing?

All public numbers are posted right here on our page.

Where are the West Palm Beach fishing hot spots?

There are a number of good places to fish offshore in West Palm Beach. Take a minute and look at the public reef and wreck charts and start bottom fishing on those while you are getting used to the waters

Where is the best offshore fishing hot spot?

There is no better place to fish where you will get a variety of fish than the ledge. Drift in 90'-150' with one line on the bottom, one line halfway down and one line on top.

How do I locate reefs in West Palm Beach?

Reef location are on this page or you can visit the FWC website

How do I locate wrecks in West Palm Beach?

Wreck location are on this page or you can visit the Palm Beach County website for a list of local wrecks

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