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Get a fishing License in West Palm Beach, Fl

Choosing a fishing license in West Palm Beach

You will need to know the following information before choosing which fishing license is best for you
1. Will you be fishing in Freshwater or Saltwater or both
2. Are you a resident of Florida
3. How long do you want your license to be for 3-day, 7-day, 1-year or 5-year
4. Will you be hunting during the same time your fishing license is valid
5. Will you be participating in any specialized activities: Lobstering, Crabbing, Snook Fishing, Shark Fishing from Shore
Once you have answered these questions you can follow the online form from the FWC or see your local tackle experts

Additional stamps and permits you may want in West Palm Beach for your fishing license

A standard Saltwater fishing license does not cover all saltwater harvested species. You will need to add stamps or permits to your fishing license if you plan to:
1. Catch Spiny Lobsters - $10 Annual
2. Use Blue Crab Traps - Register for free
3. Use Stone Crab Traps - Register for free
4. Harvesting Snook - $10 Annual
5. Harvest Reef Fish - Register for free
6. Land Based Shark Fishing - Free online class and registration

Federal Pelagic fishing license for fish you may encounter while fishing in West Palm Beach

While the Florida fishing license covers the majority of fish you will encounter on a normal day of fishing, you will need an Atlantic HMS Angling Permit to harvest Swordfish, Tuna and sharks.

Storing and renewing your fishing license

The FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife) makes it extremely easy to store and renew your fishing license.
Option 1 - Download the FWC app and put your information in and you can pull up your license on your phone anytime. The app also allows you to see when your license is about to expire and reminds you when the time comes.
Option 2 - FWC website let's you order a hard plastic card the size of a credit card to carry in your wallet. You can also print out your license on their website. When your license expires, you can also renew it from their site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a fishing license in Florida?

A general saltwater fishing license in Florida is
1. Resident Annual - $17
2. Resident 5 Year - $79
3. Non-Resident Annual - $47
4. Non-Resident 3-Day - $17
5. Non-Resident 7-Day - $30

Can you fish without a license in Florida?

While you must have a fishing license to fish in Florida, the FWC has free freshwater fishing days throughout the year that anyone can go fishing on those specific days without a license.

Where can I purchase a Florida fishing license?

A Florida fishing license can be purchased on the FWC website and through most Bait and Tackle shops

Do I need a fishing license to fish from the beach?

Yes, you need a license to do any type of fishing in Florida.

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