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Fishing Line and Spooling in West Palm Beach, Fl

Choosing Monofilament Line for West Palm Beach Fishing

When choosing Monofilament line for West Palm Beach Fishing, you need to take a few things in to consideration. What is the best monofilament fishing line for saltwater? First you want to look at your reel specifiactions and see the recommended size line. For each recommended size line you will want to look at how much monofilament line will fit on that particular reel. Now you need to deteremine which size is best for the type of fishing you plan on doing in West Palm Beach and if the amount of line for that size will be sufficient. For example, if you are trolling in West Palm Beach, you will want to have enough monofilament line to allow you to put your lures 100' behind the boat with enough leftover for when the fish bites and runs line off during the fight

For West Palm Beach Fishing, Choosing Braided Line

For West Palm Beach Fising, you want to choose a braided line that fits your style of fishing. When trolling in West Palm Beach, choose a braided line that has high visiablity so that you can see where your line enters the water to minimize crossing your other lines. For inshore fishing, you want a braided line that will maximize your casting ability. If you are bottom fishing in West Palm Beach, you want to choose a braided line that is heavier to give you more abrasion resistance for those rocks and reefs you will be drifting over.

Choosing Flourocarbon line for West Palm Beach Fishing

When choosing flourocarbon line for your day of fishing in West Palm Beach, you want to take into consideration the type of fish you will be targeting as well as the enviroment they are in. For deep sea fishing applications, you want to match your flourocarbon line to the main line size such as 30lb braid gets 30lb flourocarcon. For inshore fishing in West Palm Beach, choosing a flourocarbon line is about the enviroment you will be fishing in. If you are fishing around docks, rock or oyster bars, choose a heavier flourocarbon line than your main line to minimize cut offs. Flourocarbon is a necessity in West Palm Beach because of the clear water.

Flouro vs Mono in West Palm Beach for fishing

What fishing line is better mono or braid? West Palm Beach has extremely clear water and there are situations where you are going to want to use flourocarbon instead of monofilament. Flourocarbon does not reflect light like monofilament does so in clear water it is almost invisible. Mono in most cases will be used to spool up a reel and used in enviroments where the fish are not as spooky (leader shy). Mono can used vs flouro as leader in applications such as trolling, bottom fishing and kite fishing. Flouro should be used when inshore fishing for species such as snook and tarpon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fishing line is best for saltwater?

First you need to understand the benefits and disadvatage of each for the particular fishing you plan on doing. 1. Mono - Stretches, Inexpensive, Semi-Transparent, Thick Diameter 2. Flouro - Stretches, Abrasion Resistant, Transparent, Expensive for use other than leader material 3. Braid - No Stretch, Increased Sensitivity, Easily Visible to Fish

What color braid is best for saltwater?

Fishing Line Color depends on application: 1. Deep Sea Fishing Trolling - Hi-Vis Yellow or Orange 2. Deep Sea Bottom Fishing - Lo-Vis Green or Blue Camo 3. Inshore Fishing - Lo-Vis Green or White

What pound test do I need for saltwater fishing?

While pound of test can greatly vary depending on the type of fish you are targeting. 30lb-40lb is a good general deep sea fishing pound test.

What is the best line for a spinning reel?

Since spinning reels are mainly used for casting, you will want to use braided line as it has a smaller diameter and has less friction allowing you to cast further and pack more line on your spinning reel.

Is fluorocarbon better than monofilament?

Flourocarbon and monofilament have the same breaking strength per pound. Flourocarbon is a bit more stiff than mono and provides a slightly higher abrasion resistance.

Is braid line best for spinning reels?

If you are solely using your spinning reel for casting then braid is the best choice as it allows you to cast farther than monofilament line and you can put more line on the spool

What fishing line should I use for offshore fishing?

When deep sea fishing, for most applications you will want braided line with a monofilament leader of the same breaking strength.

Does braided line need a leader?

Leader have two functions when used in conjuction with braided line. Since braid has no stretch, it can yank the hook out of the fishes mouth. The leader provides the extra stretch you need to absorb the energy from fish shaking their heads. Leaders are most important as fish can see braided line and mono is mostly transparent in the water

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