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Fishing Reels for West Palm Beach, Fl

Choosing the best West Palm Beach spinning reel

Choosing the best spinning reel for West Palm Beach largely comes down to the size of fish you want to catch and the size line you will be fishing with. Determine the size line you will need to catch the fish you want in West Palm Beach. There are applications for just about every sized spinning reel in West Palm Beach, the important part is that you make sure to buy quality equipment that can hold up to the fish and saltwater environment. There are plenty of giant fish to catch in West Palm Beach along with an abundance of sharks that want to steal your catch. It is important to have a quality spinning reel that is durable and powerful enough to pull your catch away from the sharks, turn the head on a giant tarpon, winch in a big wahoo at high speed, or pull a 40 inch snook away from the thick structure.

When to use a conventional reel vs a spinning reel in West Palm Beach

There are many applications to use a convention reel vs a spinning reel (and vise versa) when fishing in West Palm Beach. For trolling, you always want to use a conventional setup, however for casting at fish like Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) or King Mackerel (Kingfish), a spinner is the way to go. Vertical jigging in West Palm Beach can go either way, conventional reel will eliminate the hassle of opening and closing the bail to re-drop. Anglers prefer a conventional reel for bottom fishing because it allows you to easily let more line out as your boat drifts, versus flipping the bail. When fishing on top of bridges and piers for snook, a low profile conventional reel setup is preferred because the line is on top of the rod and it will never touch the railing when fighting a fish. A spinning reel is preferred anytime you are fishing in West Palm Beach with artificial lures because spinning reels generally have a lower gear ratio which allows you to sweep bottom and present your lure better. What is the best fishing reel for beginners? Spinning Reels are going to be the best choice fo beginners as it is easy to use and will not backlash like conventional reels.

Cleaning your reel after a day of West Palm Beach fishing

Properly cleaning your reel after a day of fishing in West Palm Beach should be a part of every anglers routine. First, lock the drag down to full, which seals the gaps in the drag washers. Then, LIGHTLY spray the reels down with fresh water on the shower setting. On West Palm Beach offshore setups, wash the reel bodies and rods with some boat soap and a mitt. Then hose the soap off and shammy the reels dry. After cleaning your reels, don’t forget to loosen the drags all the way back down once they are dry. For West Palm Beach inshore fishing setups, hose them dry then spray some Reel Cleaner on the body of the reel. Let it sit for about five minutes after cleaning your reel, then hose it down and loosen the drag.

How to use a reel for trolling when deep sea fishing in West Palm Beach

Reels for trolling in West Palm Beach are generally lever drag conventional reels. The higher up the lever is, the more drag is engaged. There is a stop at “strike” where, when the drag is set properly, the reel should be left at while trolling. If you press in the stop, you can now bring the lever past strike and into “full.” Only go into full drag if you’ve hooked too big a fish to fight in strike. Most reels for trolling in West Palm Beach are also two speed, meaning they have a high and low gear ratio. Press the button on the side of the handle to drop into low gear which gives you better cranking power and leverage, but less line per crank. There is a switch directly underneath the button that allows you to switch back into high gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what size spinning reel to buy?

Choosing what size spinning reel to buy in West Palm Beach largely depends on the species of fish you desire to catch. Determining what sized line you will be fishing with will help tell you what sized reel is right for you. For Offshore fishing, an 8000-1000 sized spinning reel will get the job done for jigging and casting to pelagic species like mahi, blackfin tuna, wahoo and kingfish. If you’re into light tackle, a 4000-5000 sized spinning reel is great for pitching to mahi on the weedlines. If you are bottom fishing, an 8000 sized spinning reel will be a perfect match for you. For some of the smaller inshore species like pompano, Spanish mackerel and snapper, a light 3000 sized spinning reel works best. When chasing after the snook and tarpon in West Palm Beach, you will need to begin beefing up your tackle. For snook, you want a reel that holds around 300 yards of 30-pound braided line and about 20 pounds of drag. Anything 6000 sized and up will work. For Tarpon, your spinning reel should hold around 500 yards of 30-pound braid. An 8000-14000 sized reel will give you a good advantage. 15-20# braid -3000-5000 20-40#-braid 5000-8000 40-65#-8000-14000 80# braid 10000+

What is the best reel for beach fishing?

You want to use a spinning reel for its ease of use and versatility. The two best reels for beach fishing are the Shimano Twin Power and Shimano Saragosa SW.

What reel should I use for bottom fishing?

Use a conventional reel for bottom fishing. Most anglers prefer a star drag reel for precise on the fly drag adjustments. Many of these reels are offered in both high and low gear ratios. A higher gear ratio will give you more line per crank, but less torque, leverage and stopping power and is good for high speed jigging and pulling your catch away from all the sharks. A lower gear ratio gives you considerably less line retrieve per crank, but much more torque, leverage and turning power. This is best for catching really big fish or slow pitch jigging. Bottom fishing specific reels have a “spool lock” on the side instead of a clicker which allows you to break off instantly and easily instead of tightening the drag or thumbing the spool to break off your snag. It is extremely useful!

What is the best brand fishing reel?

Shimano has the best reels on the market because of their cutting edge technologies. The best fishing reels are: Shimano Stella Spinning Reel Shimano Tiagra Conventional Reel Shimano Stradic Inshore Spinning Reel Shimano Beastmaster 9000a Electric Reel

What Reel should I use for kite fishing?

The right reel to use for kite fishing is a lever drag conventional reel with a high gear ratio. The lever drag allows you to adjust the drag quickly, which is essential when setting hook or dropping back to a fish on a kite. You need a fast reel that brings in a lot of line per crank because you will need to pick up a lot of slack line quick to come tight on the bite. The Shimano Talica BFC is made especially for this purpose and is the best reel to use for kite fishing in West Palm Beach. Another great reel to use for kite fishing is the Shimano Speedmaster II because they are extremely fast and lightweight. A light weight, compact reel is important when it comes to kite fishing because you want your entire setup to be lightweight and easy to maneuver around the boat.

What are electric reels used for in West Palm Beach?

There are a few applications where electrics are used in West Palm Beach. The first and most common is kite fishing. You will need an electric reel to raise and lower your kite which allows you to present live baits right on the surface in the most subtle way possible. Another application you will need an electric reel for is deep dropping. There are countless delicious species of fish to catch on the bottom reefs and wrecks. Many of which are found in over 1000 feet of water. Electric reels are used to quickly and conveniently drop and retrieve your heavy bottom fishing or swordfish weights/rigs in deep water. The final application electric reels are used for in West Palm Beach is high speed wahoo trolling, this is not necessary, or very common, but it is the preferred method for some of the serious wahoo fishermen because of how easily the fish are pulled in at such high speed and heavy drag.

Are expensive reel worth it?

Expensive reels are 100% worth the money. It is hard to truly appreciate an expensive reel until you catch your first fish with it. Expensive reels will pay for themselves as they will last 5-10 years if properly maintained.

How do you match a rod and reel?

The best way to match a rod and reel in West Palm Beach is to first select the reel you will want to use. Once you have that, there will be suggested line strength to use with that reel. Next you wil want to look at rods that have that have the same line strength range.

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