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Fishing Rods for West Palm Beach, Fl

Choosing the best rod for fishing in West Palm Beach

How do I choose a Saltwater rod in West Palm Beach? What is the best rod for saltwater fishing? Determine the type of fishing you will be doing to then match up an appropriate rod. You will need different rods for trolling, casting, pitching, jigging or bottom fishing in West Palm Beach. Take length, weight of line and fishing application into account when choosing the best rod. Generally, trolling rods are shorter, stouter rods for pulling baits and gaining leverage on the fish. 5’6”- 7’ with a moderate action is perfect for trolling. Make sure your boat rods have a gimbal butt to lock into the rod holder. For casting, stay around the 7’-7’6 range with a fast action. If you are casting from shore you can bump up to an 8 or 9 foot rod for extra distance. Jigging rods are usually shorter ranging from 5’-6’6” and have a parabolic bend for working a vertical jig. Make sure to match up the line and lure rating on the rod to the tackle you plan on fishing to make sure you are fishing the best rod for the fishing you are doing in West Palm Beach.

Choosing a rod for fishing off of West Palm Beach

A 30 class rod is great for dragging baits in West Palm Beach. Choose a stout, short rod that has a gimbal butt so it locks into the rod holder. 5'6-6'6 is the right lenth rod for it in West Palm Beach. Some of the anglers fishing on center consoles prefer bumping up to a 7' rod to reach around the outboard engines better. Roller Guide rods are used for trolling with heavy monofilament, but ring guides are just fine if you fish braided line or braid backing. A rating of 30-50 is a pefect rod for Trolling in West Palm Beach. The exception is high speed wahoo trolling. You want to choose a bent butt rod with roller guides and a rating upwards of 80-130 to pull in the wahoo. Choosing a rod for bottom fishing in west palm beach can be tricky. You want a rod around 7’ with a fast tip and stout backbone to allow for a more positive hookset and strong backbone for turning power. A fast rod tip is what creates a sensitive rod, which is important for fishing in West Palm beach because you must be able to feel your bait, the bottom and a bite with ease. Look for a rod that has some play in the tip section around the top three guides when bent. Then, bend the rod again and look down the blank, after the tip section, the rod should stop bending, which is where you get your backbone and turning power from. It’s important to choose a powerful rod for fishing in West Palm Beach because not only are there giant fish hanging out on the reefs and wrecks, there is an abundance of sharks that know exactly what is going on and are waiting to steal your catch.

Rod Action and power explained

Rod Action and power can be an overwhelming choice when selecting a rod for any type of fishing. However, if you break it down to the basics, you can easily make an informed decision. Combining the two is a balancing act. Rod Action is the the "action" from the recoil of the rod tip after it bends. More of the rod bends and recoils slower with slower action rods. Fast action rods recoil quickly as less of the rod tip bends. When you cast out a topwater plug, a slow action rod will cause the lure to have a slower and more exagerated movement as a larger portion of the top of the rod bends. Because a large portion of the top of the rod bends, it recoils slower absorbing the force caused by pulling on the lure. On the other side of that, a fast action tip will quickly and abruptly move the lure. Rod action also refers to the amount of "action" (or movement) left in the rod tip after a constant weight is applied (think a sinker while bottom fishing and watching the rod tip for a bite). If the action is too fast or slow for your weight, you will not see the bite This also holds true to landing a fish, a slower action rod has more give and is best suited to fish that thrash around trying to throw the hook. Rod power is the amount of leverage or pulling power of the rod. The heavier the rating, the more leverage you will have over the fish, which helps in turning the fish's head, as well as landing it. You do not want to go too heavy on the power based on the species you are fishing for. If your power is too high for the species you are fishing for, you risk pulling the hook out. If the rod power is too light, you will not have enough leverage to land the fish.

Choosing Rod Length

How do I choose a rod length? Short rods are better for shorter, more accurate or precise casting. Longer rods help you achieve greated casting distances. You need to consider the enviornemnt you will be fishing in around West Palm Beach. On A boat, there is seldom any reason to fish rods above 7 feet because casting room is usually limited. From shore, use a 7'6" or longer to achieve a bit more distance and a bit more sensitivy in the added tip length.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a trolling rod be?

A trolling rod should be 5'6"-6'6". Some center console guys prefer a 7' trolling rods to get up and around the outboard engines easier

What is the strongest fishing rod?

The strongest rod on the market currently is the Shimano Grappler series. These rods have dual carbon fiber wraps that protect the parabolic action of the blank and remove blank twist at the same time. The rods leverage point is lowered to the handle assisting the angler in landing the fish.

How do I choose a saltwater rod?

You must decide on the style of fishing you plan on doing. Anglers often choose a reel first, then match up a rod that balanced well when combined with the reel. You must make sure that the length of the rod is appropriate for what you will be doing. As a general rule, 6'6"-7' is best used on a boat where casting room is limited. From shore in West Palm Beach, 7'6-9' is often used to achieve greater casting distances. Fast action rods are great for casting and retrieving, moderate action rods are used more often for jigging and trolling. The right rod for you can be chosen on species of fish targeted, fishing location in West Palm Beach, line weight and rod power.

Can you use a jigging rod for other types fishing?

jigging rods have a very specific length, action and power designed for working jigs vertically through the water column. Anglers often bottom fish with jigs in West Palm Beach, but a different style rod is needed for fishing baits or rigs on bottom vs. jigs. Your jigging rods are typically very short and have a slower, parabolic action. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to feel your bait and to achieve a positive hookset when fishing bottom with a jigging rod.

How do I choose rod action?

The right rod action for you is determined mainly by the type of lures or bait you will casting, jigging or trolling. Different techniques perform better on different action rods. For example, A fast or extra fast action rod is great for bottom fishing and casting lures in West Palm Beach. A moderate to slow action rod is best for presenting vertical and slow pitch jigs and achieving the greatest casting distance.

What is the best rod for when you want to troll?

The best rod to troll with in Palm Beach is determined by a number of factors including species, location, type of fishing and the spread you are trolling. However, there are many factors to determine which rod will be best for you. Come speak to our professional Angler Advisors and they can assist you in the decision making process.

What is the best rod for bottom fishing

Determining the best rod is to troll with in Palm Beach is determined by a number of factors including species, location, type of fishing and the spread you are trolling. One suggestion that tends to work well for a number of types of fishing will have similar specifications to this: 6'6"- 7'. Fast action, heavy power, 50-100# line rating. However, there are many factors to determine which rod will be best for you. Come speak to our professional Angler Advisors and they can assist you in the decision making process.

Are Shimano rods good?

Shimano rods are at the best production rods on the market. Every part of the rod has been maticulously thought out by Shimano to truly make the rod a functional part of the fish catching process.

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