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Live Bait for West Palm Beach, Fl Fishing

Catch Your Own Bait in West Palm Beach

There are many baits you can catch on your own near Palm Beach inlet, including, pilchards, pinfish, mullet, crabs, google eyes, blue runners, ballyhoo and bonita. Use a sabiki rig in shallower water around bouys and bottom structure near West Palm Beach Inlet. If you have a dock or access to the intracoastal inshore waters near West Palm Beach Inlet and want to catch your own bait, place a pinfish trap with some fish heads, chicken pieces or a can of cat food with some holes poked in it. If you are proficient with a cast net and want to catch your own bait, put a chum bag out behind the boat in about 40' of water and wait for the small bait fish to come to you.

Finding live bait in West Palm Beach

If you want to cast net for your live bait in West Palm Beach, first you will want at least an 8' cast net with a mesh size of about 1/4"-1/2". For pilchards and mullet, you want to look in the intracoastal water about 10' or less that also provides some cover like docks and trees. Another overlooked area to use your cast net to catch bait is right off the beach in West Palm. Get in as tight as you can to shore without risking being caught by a wave that could push you into shore and throw your cast net as the live bait schools run along the beach. Whether you are looking for live bait near sctructure or the beach, the key is to be ahead of where you believe the school will be running and make as few tosses as possible to not spook the bait school.

Using a Sabiki in West Palm Beach for live Bait

Using a sabiki to catch live bait in West Palm Beach is the most popular, easiest and definitely much cleaner. The number one golden rule when using a Sabiki in West Palm Beach for bait fish is to use a flourocarbon sabiki rig. Our experts have tested mono vs flouro sabikis on all types of livebait fish and we can tell you that the flouro rigs far outperform the mono ones. Attach the rig to a medium to medium heavy rod and lower the rig to the desired depth. Once there, use a small up and down motion with the rod to bring the small flies on the Sabiki rig to life. You will feel the bait when they bite in West Palm Beach. We always give it a few seconds before retrieving the sabiki once a bait fish is on to allow a few more to bite for a multiple hookup.

Buying live bait in West Palm Beach for Deep Sea Fishing

There are numerous live bait boats that you can buy live bait from for a day of deep sea fishing in West Palm Beach. You want to find a bait guy that treats the bait correctly to maximize it's life in your livewell as a lively bait will always attract a big bite. When purchasing the bait from your local bait boat, make sure the are not touching the bait with their hands and that they are only scooping up a few at time with their bait net when transfering them to you. The top bait boats will only scoop one large bait fish at a time to ensure there is no damage inflicted to the fish from others on top or under it in the net.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you catch a baitfish?

Baitfish can be caught by either using a cast net or by using a live bait sabiki rig

How do I use a sabiki to catch live bait around West Palm Beach?

The most important thing you want to make sure of is that you are using a flourocarbon sabiki. Find a bouy or small reef structure that may hold bait. Once you see the bait fish on your fish finder, let out the sabiki and gently jig until you feel the bait fish bite. Use a small dehooker when removing fish from the sabiki.

Where should I use a cast net for live bait in West Palm Beach?

You will want to find an area that live bait fish feel protected from larger fish when locating a spot to cast net bait. Look for docks, pilings, bouys, trees and oyster bars.

What is a Sabiki rig?

Think of a sabiki rig as a daisy chain of small fly that resemble the tiny organisms that livebait fish feed on. The are usually about 6-7 feet long and have 5-8 small hooks with hair or wings on them. Slowly jigging them will mimic the forage of local baitfish and you will catch several on each rig.

Should I catch my own live bait or buy from a bait boat?

Catching your own live bait can be hit or miss and can take some time to fill the livewell. If you are going out and do not have much time, it is best to buy from a bait boat so you do not waste any precious fishing time locating and catching live bait. There are also times during the year when bait is hard to find and if you do not know exactly where to look, you may spend hours trying to find them only to catch a few or none at all.

How do you catch Live Bait from shore?

The best way to catch live bait from shore in West Palm Beach is to cast net them. Most of the baitfish you will find close to shore are small and run in schools. Becoming profeicient with even a small cast net will guarantee you at minimum a few live baits each time you go fishing.

What is the best live bait to catch?

This is really dependent on the type of fishing you are doing that day and the time of year. During the mullet run, mullet are obviously preferred in West Palm Beach. For general fishing year round, pilchards and threadfins are popular and they also range in size from very small for say trout to extra large ones that can be used from a kite. Offshore anglers targeting larger predators in West Palm Beach prefer to use larger and more hearty baits like Blue Runners and Goggle Eyes.

What is the best live bait for saltwater fishing?

Truthfully, most fish will eat almost any other type of fish if presented properly. The top 2 live baits and these are equally number one would be Shrimp and Pilchards.

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