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Shimano Fishing Rods and Fishing Reels West Palm Beach, Fl

Shimano Fishing Rods and Reels

Shimano fishing rods and reels lead the industry in quality and performance. They're gear is all made to the top performing specifications and are built to last. Shimano rods and reels include a long list of incuded technology that far surpasses other brands and helps contribute to their overall smoothness, lightness, water resistance, drag performance and gear meshing perfection.

Are expensive rods worth it?

You get what you pay for in the fishing industry and there is good reason why some rods are priced more than others. Technology plays a huge role in today's fishing gear so more expensive rods almost always include more and better technology that will give you a better advantage over the fish as an angler. Things like Shimano's Spiral and Hi-power X technologies allow their rods to perform better than any rod other blank produced today. They are extremely light while maintaining unbelievable power, torque and leverage by transferring the lifting point of the rod all the way down into the handle, and it eliminates all rod twist and roll. More expensive rods also include better components so your rod will last longer as well. Things like upgraded guide rings will extend the life of your rod exponentially becuase they can take that much more abuse than rods with less quality components.

How do I pick the right fishing rod?

Selecting the right fishing rod can be done by determining you preferred species, location and technique. First determine the species of fish you will be after with your rod. Consider how will you be catching these fish. Will you be casting from the jetty, fishing off a bridge, trolling, or casting off the boat? The locations you plan on using your new rod at will drastically narrow down the selection. Then determine your technique to finalize your decision. Will you be throwing heavy or light lures? Fishing with live bait on the bottom or free lining it out? These decision will helo you determine exactly which rod is best for you. We reccomend stopping by the shop to chat with out Angler Advisors who will ask you questions like these to help determine which rod is best for you.

Why Buy Shimano?

Shimano is the best top tier fishing rod and reel brand. Many anglers both professional and recreational love fishing Shimano because they are the lightest, smoothest and best performing reels on the market today. They are great with handing warrenty issues and they offer fantastic customer service. Shimano has been leading the bicycle industry and winning Olympics with their bicycle gears for decades. It only makes sense that the gearing in their fishing reels are the best too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the PG, HG and XG mean on Shimano fishing reels?

Shimano offers their reels in different gear ratios. Different gear ratios perform better for different sitations. (PG) means "Power Gear" or "Low Gear" and offeres the least line retrieve per crank, but the most torque. (HG) stands for "high gear" which is the most common gear ratio on spinning reels. This allows you to gain more line per crank without sacrificing too much cranking power. Then you have (XG) which is "Extra High Gear" for working lures fast and keeping up with speedy fish.

Where are Shimano spinning reels made?

Shimano's top tier fishing reels are made in Japan, while all of their second tier reels are currently being made in Malaysia.

How much does a good fishing rod cost?

Fishing rods generally range from $80-$500. A good quality fishing rod is going to cost an average of about $150-200.

Are Stella reels worth the money?

Absolutely yes. The Stella includes quality in the design and technicality. Its long list of included technology allows it to remain reliable after catching the biggest fish in the ocean. It is truly built to last forever. Of course they are expensive but you are getting, hands down, the absolute best, strongest and most reliable fishing reel on the market today. It is an investment that will last a lifetime of taming giant fish.

How do I chose rod length?

Chose your rod length based on the species you are targetting, along with the location you are fishing and the techniques you will be using most. 7' is a good starting point. If you need to cast farther than usual, step it up to a 7'6"-9" depending on your location and technique. If you need a shorter rod for maneuvering around a boat or pitching up into tight quarters, 6'6" offers a lot more control and sensitivity.

Who makes shimano fishing reels?

Shimano Yamaguchi Co., Ltd. Is the present Shimano factory located in Japan

What is the most popular Shimano fishing rod?

The most popular Shimano Fishing ros is the Shimano Terez its use of dual spiral wrap technology over the blank reinforces the blank while keeping it unbelievably light and strong. These rods produce extreme amounts of leverage and torque when placed under a heavy load.

What is the most popular Shimano fishing reel?

The most popular Shimano fishing reel

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