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Best Bait and Tackle Shop in West Palm Beach

Choosing a Bait and Tackle store in West Palm Beach

It is important to develop a relationship with your local tackleshop. Tackle stores are a great source of local knowledge, tips and tricks. Not all tackle shops are created equal in West Palm Beach. When you visit your local tackle store you want the store associates come out from behind the counter to help you. When you look at the tackle selection, you want to make sure it is relevant, is a good selection, easy to navigate and all the tackle shop employess should understand how each piece of tackle is relevant to your needs in West Palm Beach. At Fishin' My Best Life, our goal is to educate our customers through local knowldge, fishing reports and relavent content that is designed to make you a better and knowledgable angler.

Bait and Tackle Shop Services in West Palm Beach

Bait and tackle shop services vary greatly from shop to shop in West Palm Beach and you want to find one that offers all the products and services that help you become a better angler. You can tell a lot about a bait and tackle shop as soon as you walk in. Are they friendly and willing to help you? Do the shelves look stocked with new products? If the answer is yes to both of those, then the bait and tackle shop most likely prides itself on offer service to their customers in West Palm Beach and not just a bait and tackle shop that has products on the shelf. • Line Spooling • Reel Repairs • Expert Advice • Willingness to help anglers of all skill levels • Large Selection of relevant tackle • Professional Staff • Clean and Organized

Bait and Tackle Shop Local Knowledge in West Palm Beach

Bait and Tackle shop staffs local knowledge is one on the top reasons to frequent the same shop. Staff members should always be up to date on the latest catches and techniques to put you on fish in West Palm Beach. Local knowledge does not only come from the physical location of the Bait and Tackle shop. Visit the shop's website and look to see if they keep archived reports, have fishing forecasts and consistantly post recent catches from local anglers and captains. While it is impossible to obtain all of the knowledge in one day, the more you partner with your local Bait and Tackle shop, the better angler you will become.

Bait and Tackle for fishing in West Palm Beach

The tackle for trolling used in West Palm Beach includes 6'6"-7' rod paired with a 16-25 size conventional reel. The typical spread for trolling in West Palm Beach consists of two 16 sized trolling setups, two 25 sized trolling setups and two 50 sized trolling setups. This method covers all lure sizes and species of fish that regularly cruise West Palm Beach. Spool the 16s with 30 pound braid backing and a 30 pound mono topshot, the 25s with 65 pound braid backing/ matching topshot and the 50s with 80 pound braid backing/ matching topshot. Connect at least a 175# snap swivel to the end of your mono topshot which will allow you to switch out lures easily. Make sure to use heavy tackle for saltwater fishing in West Palm Beach. It is important to have quality heavy tackle for saltwater fishing. Saltwater is a harsh enviornment that will destroy your gear if it is not good quality and not properly maintained. Spending the extra money on top quality gear is worth it because in the fishing industry, you get what you pay for. Cheap gear deteriorates quickly in saltwater enviornments and over time, fishermen end up spending more money replacing their gear year after year than buying quality the first time around in West Palm Beach. A wide variety of tackle is used for inshore fishing in West Palm Beach. 7’6 medium to medium heavy fast action spinning rod with a 3000-5000 sized spinning reel is preferred for your smaller species like pompano, snapper, mackerel and smaller snook. A 7’6-9’ fast action spinning rod with a 5000-8000 reel is what you need for the larger inshore species like Jack Crevalle, big snook, and tarpon. It is important to buy quality tackle that can withstand the harsh saltwater environment in West Palm Beach as well as the powerful runs these inshore fish take directly towards the closest structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bait and tackle should I have for saltwater fishing

Tackle you should have for saltwater fishing in West Palm Beach includes heavy, high quality tackle. You need gear that can handle the big fish in West Palm Beach and the extreme saltwater enviornment. Make sure the reels you are buying have corrosion proof bearings, water tight drag and a waterproofing surface treatment. Flourocarbon leaders are preferred for saltwater fishing in West Palm Beach becuase of the extremely clear water and the amount of heavy structures found on the bottom. Use a barrel swivel to connect braided or monofilament main line to flourocarbon leader and either a snap swivel or power clip to allow for quick lure changes. Flourocarbon sabikis are also essential for tackle for saltwater fishing in west palm beach.

What bait and tackle should I have for Inshore fishing?

Fishfinder rigs and hi lo rigs are commonly used for inshore fishing in West Palm Beach. Small jigs are used for catching spanish mackerel, pompano, snapper and tripletail. Use flair hawk jigs in heavy current for catching big snook. Stock up on them because if youre not breaking off lures, youre not in the strike zone. 5-7" swimbaits are used around West Palm Beach for inshore fishing for snook and tarpon at night. During the day, scale down your presentation to a 3" paddletail rigged on a weighted swimbait hook. 3-5" Shrimp patterns are also extremely popular for inshore fishing in West Palm Beach.

What makes a Bait and Tackle Shop great?

The best Bait and Tackle shops have all relevant products, friendly and helpful staff, local knowledge, good inventory and a clean shop in West Palm Beach

What should I look for in a bait and tackle store in West Palm Beach?

A friendly, knowledgabke and trustworthy staff is what to look for in a tackle store. Staff that is willing to help, and teach you new techniques is extremely useful to both new and seasoned anglers. Some tackle stores can be shady, unwilling to give out information or looking to steer you in a direction that is not best for you. Upon entering a tackle store, look for an immediate greeting and follow up questions about the type of fishing and techniques you do.

Should I buy a saltwater tackle kit from a Bait and Tackle Shop?

Yes. Saltwater tackle kits are a great value to anglers because you do not need to spend the time sorting through all the gear to decide what you need. Tackle kits get you right into the essentials, picked by professionals, that include everything you need for a given fishery in West Palm Beach.

What Bait and Tackle should I use for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach?

Tackle used for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach typically includes using either live bait, dead bait or vertical jigging. For dead bait rigs, use ten feet or so of 30-40# flouro leader with a 4/0 J hook and an appopriate size egg sinker for the depth and current you are fishing in. Use a 130# or bigger barrel swivel to stop the egg sinker from sliding down the leader. The same tackle is used for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach with live bait, but with a circle hook that matches the size of the baitfish. The vertical jigs that anglers use for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach are slow pitch or flat fall jigs.

What Bait and Tackle should I use for Beach Fishing in West Palm Beach?

Tackle that is used for beach fishing in West Palm Beach is dependant on the time of year and species around. In the summer snook, tarpon and big jack crevalle are mainly targeted along the beach. Swimbaits will catch all 3 of these species, but are best for snook and tarpon. For the best action on the beach, try to find a swimbait that has a flat belly because they roll better over sand. In the late summer, use a small presentation around 2-3 inches with a strong hook to match the hatch of a glass minnow and catch some tarpon. Jack Crevalle love anything shiny and moving fast, Throw a big surface plug or metal jig and rip it back along the surface. In the fall and winter, pompano and spanish mackerel populate the surf zone in palm beach. Use a light tackle setup to cast small hi-low rigs with cut bait, goofy jigs or small metal jigs on a flourocarbon leader.

Top Rated Bait and Tackle Shop in West Palm Beach

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