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Jupiter October 1 2020 Catch Log

Overall Fishing rating for Jupiter October 1 2020 Catch Log
Key Data From Today's Fishing Report in West Palm Beach
Weather Conditions
Sea Condition

Capt. Ricky Frank fished the bridges in Jupiter and reported catching this nice slot fish to bring home for dinner. He also reported seeing a few over-slots pulled up from the Jupiter Inlet in the morning. Ricky stated that his fish are coming during a short "bite window" that usually occurs during the outgoing tide. This window is short, and difficult to time right, but he reported that it could be the difference in having a banner night and catching nothing right now. Spend some time on out on the bridges observing how the bait and fish move with the tides. Ricky was throwing a 1.5 oz chartreuse flair hawk jig with a blue tail when he caught the slot. Sweep these Snook jigs slowly right along the bottom and be ready for that aggressive reaction thump. Ricky reported seeing lots of finicky Snook hanging out near the surface in the light line and a few fish following around small pods of mullet. The fish you will see near the surface on the bridges are going to be difficult to fool so often times, you will have a much better chance fishing for the fish hanging out in the dark that you cannot see. Keep your eyes on the bridges in Jupiter, especially at night this week and you may just land yourself some dinner!

Location : West Palm Beach

Weather Conditions : cloudy

Sea Conditions : 0-2

Species Caught : Snook

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