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Boynton Beach Jun-17-2020 Catch Log

Overall Fishing rating for Boynton Beach Jun-17-2020 Catch Log
Key Data From Today's Fishing Report in West Palm Beach
Weather Conditions
Sea Condition

June 17th Jupiter and Palm Beach Catch Log - Mahi are not the only fish hot right now. Snook are thick all over. Austin landed this beauty on Juno Beach. Working the beaches || inlets and bridges can be very productive for snook right now. If i had to only carry 3 lures it would be the Shimano Coltsniper Twitchbait || Vudu Shrimo and a R&R Flare Hawk. All can be quickly changed depending on the water conditions. Pair that with a Shimano Saragoosa on a Shimano Terramar Blue Water and you are ready for even the giant over slot slobs. Chase our in shore specialist spends all his off time hunting these beast and loves helping anglers get setup for success. You can visit Chase at Fishin My Best Life on US 1 between the Jupiter and Boynton Inlet.

Location : West Palm Beach

Weather Conditions : sunny

Sea Conditions : 2.5-4

Species Caught : Snook

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