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West Palm Beach, Fl Amberjack Fishing

Amberjack Fishing in West Palm Beach

Want to put your tackle to the test? If you answered yes, then you want to go Amberjack fishing in West Palm Beach. Amberjacks are nicknamed “Reef Donkeys” because they are stubborn when you try to drag them up from the depths. Amberjacks will fight you every inch of the way in West Palm Beach. These fish mainly congregate around wrecks or some sort of large structure. As Amberjacks are such fierce fighters, you want to make sure you have the proper setup to handle them in West Palm Beach. There are two types of that you will encounter, the lesser Amberjack and greater Amberjack.

Locating Amberjack in West Palm Beach

Before you go out looking for Amberjack in West Palm Beach, you need to take some time to locate potential spots that may be holding them. First thing you will want to do is look at a map of any manmade reefs or wrecks in depths of 100’ or more. Once you have located a few potential spots for targeting Amberjack in West Palm Beach, you want to make sure you have the coordinates of these spots as you will need to be right on top of them with your bait. You will catch them on the edges of structure but Amberjack, for the most part, are on top of the structure in West Palm Beach.

Setups for Catching Amberjack in West Palm Beach

There are two essential parts of your tackle that you will need to have a chance to win a fight against an Amberjack in West Palm Beach. First is you need to have a rod that not going to break under the immense load of hauling one of these reef donkeys up from the depth. Your rod needs to be at minimum heavy rated and the action no less than fast. Unlike other bottom fishing, you do not need to worry about feeling the bite. Your rod is the lever that will assist you in moving that Amberjack through the water column in West Palm Beach. The second part is a reel that has a strong drag and torque. There are times during a battle with an Amberjack in West Palm Beach that you will almost have to lock down the drag to keep that fish from fleeing back to the depths.

Baits and Lures for catching Amberjack in West Palm Beach

There are all sorts of baits and lures that you can use for catching Amberjacks in West Palm Beach. Amberjacks are not very picky and as long as you have a bait offering that is in the strike zone they will most likely take a bite. Big goggle eyes alive or dead are a favorite of local anglers in West Palm Beach. Ballyhoo, Squid, Bonita Chunks and large piclhards will all work well for Amberjacks. Jigs are also highly productive when target both types of Amberjacks in West Palm Beach. Make sure to keep the jig active and down in the strike zone. Work your jig up about 30' from where you have determined the bottom of the feeding zones are. Many times amberjacks will circle around the top of structure so it is important to keep working that jig up over the structure before sending it back down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you catch Amberjack off West Palm Beach?

Yes, Amberjack fishing is extremely productive on the reefs and wrecks off West Palm Beach

How big do the Amberjack get off West Palm Beach?

Multiple Amberjack over 100 pounds have been weighed in from West Palm Beach. However, an average big one is from 30-50 pounds.

What is the best bait for Amberjack?

Amberjack are not too picky of fish. They need a solid offering to tempt them into taking your bait so any medium to large sized live baitfish should work. Large dead baits work well too if you can not find anything alive. Drop it to the bottom with a sliding egg sinker and hold on.

Can I jig for Amberjack?

Amberjack love attacking Jigs off West Palm Beach. Whether it be a slow pitch style flutter fall or butterfly jig, or a high speed vertical jig, the Amberjack will be quick to strike it fluttering through their strike zone

Amberjack Lures?

Amberjack can be caught on a variety of different style jigs and lures. If they are holding deeper in the water column, or along the bottom, drop your jig down and work the bottom half of the water column. If the Amberjack are thick on the reef or wreck you are fishing in West Palm Beach, they can be chummed to the surface and caught on topwater plugs in special circumstances.

What size do Amberjacks have to be to keep?

Greater Amberjacks must be 28" at the fork to keep. Lesser Amberjacks must be between 14" and 22" to keep.

How many Amberjacks can I keep?

Greate Amberjack bag limit is 1 per day. Lesser Amberjack bag limit is 5 per day.

Are there different types of Amberjack in West Palm Beach?

Yes there are 2 types of Amberjacks, Greater and Lesser. Both can be caught in West Palm Beach.

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