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West Palm Beach, Fl Cobia Fishing

Cobia Fishing in West Palm Beach

Although not usually targeted in West Palm Beach, there is some great Cobia fishing. Cobia migrate up and down the east coast from Key West to Jacksonville. Like most migratory fish species in the area, there are times of the year that are better then others but you can catch them 365 days a year. Cobia like to hang around structure of some kind whether that be a wreck or channel markers. Cobia will also be found following rays and sharks. Cobia are also a curious fish and will come up from the depths to investigate your boat so make sure to have a pitch rod rigged and ready in West Palm Beach.

Gear for Cobia fishing in West Palm Beach

The average Cobia will be in the 20-40 pound range but they can exceed 100lbs and you want to make sure you have the gear that can stop a big Cobia in West Palm Beach. You want a rod that is rated for 30-50 pound test and has a fast to extra fast action as the jigs you will be using are going to be heavy so that you can get them deep. You want you rod to be about 7’ so you have enough length to cast when necessary but not so long that it is not manageable in the boat. Your reel needs to have enough torque and drag as Cobia are hard fighters in West Palm Beach. Choose a spinning reel in the 8000-12000 class and use 40-65lb braided line with a 60lb fluorocarbon leader.

Where to locate Cobia in West Palm Beach

There are several areas that you will want to hunt for Cobia in West Palm Beach. First you need to know that Cobia like to hang around structure of some sort. There are many manmade reefs along the West Palm Beach coast and that is always the best place to start looking for them. The depths of these reefs are in 30’ out to 90’ while you will catch a mixed bag as many fish hang out on them, if Cobia are in the area, there is a good chance they will be there as well. Next check the wrecks in the area. Most wrecks are deep but do not be afraid to drop around 150’ looking for them. Finally spend some time around the ledge in West Palm Beach in about 120’. Bait fish are constantly being pushed around the ledge and the Cobia patrol it looking for a meal.

Bait and Lures for Cobia fishing in West Palm Beach

Cobia are not the pickiest of eaters but you need to have the right presentation of your bait or lure when targeting them in West Palm Beach. There are 2 baits that cobia love to eat in West Palm Beach. The first are live crabs and do not be afraid to use a large blue crab for targeting them. A close second is a large pilchard. Send these down on a fish finder rig with a 7/0 heavy gauge hook. If you are into lures, then you are in luck as many Cobia are taken on lures in West Palm Beach. An orange or chartreuse jig with a tail (similar to a flare hawk) is a slayer of Cobia in West Palm Beach. Send the jig down and rhythmically work it back up to the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish for cobia in West Palm Beach?

Locate structure in 120’ or less and send down a large live pilchard on a 7/0 hook

What is the limit on Cobia in West Palm Beach?

Cobia must be 33” at the fork with one person angler and 6 total per vessel

How do you target cobia?

Look behind schools of rays. Check any large navigational markers. Drop baits on any type of structure

Do cobia follow sharks?

Yes cobia will many times follow sharks

Is cobia good eating?

YES. Cobia is one of the best eating fish

What do cobia eat?

Cobia normal forage is crabs and baitfish

How do you rig for cobia?

Make a fish finder rig with 4’ of flouro leader and a 7/0 hook

Fun Facts about West Palm Beach, Fl Cobia Fishing by Species

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