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West Palm Beach, Fl Red Grouper Fishing

Red Grouper Fishing in West Palm Beach

Red Grouper are the most prolific grouper species in West Palm Beach. These groupers are one of the smaller groupers in our area but they taste just as good as their cousins. Red grouper will always be hanging around some sort of ledge, hole or structure. They are ambush predators meaning that they will lay in wait for prey to pass by them then they will attack. Red Grouper will always run for the home when they are hooked, and it is important to be ready to turn its head as quickly as possible. Red Grouper can be identified in West Palm Beach by their color, and as the name implies are red with whitish dots on them.

Best Bait for Red Grouper Fishing

Red Grouper will take all sorts of offering in West Palm Beach. Live bait is always the best bet for Red Grouper and because they have large mouths, so the bigger the better. The top live baits for Red Grouper in West Palm Beach are squirrel fish, pilchards and threadfins. Avoid goggle eyes and blue runner as they are much stronger fish and are not as easily manage as a live bottom bait. Red Grouper will also take artificial offerings if presented correctly. Large, skirted jigs bounced along the bottom while drifting is a sure fire way to get tight with them in West Palm Beach.

Tackle for Red Grouper Fishing in West Palm Beach

Red Grouper are a powerful fish and you are going to need the proper tackle to get them up in West Palm Beach. You can use lighter tackle when targeting Red Grouper and will most likely get a few to the boat but if one of the big one takes your bait, you will lose the battle. At minimum you will want to use a 30w class conventional reel and pair that with an extra heavy rod with an extra fast action. Braided line is the best to spool your reel with as there is zero stretch allowing you to turn the fishes head quickly when you hook up in West Palm Beach.

Locating the Red Grouper in West Palm Beach

To locate Red Grouper in West Palm Beach, you will need to do some research on the wrecks, ledge and sea floor contour. Red Grouper (and grouper in general) make their home in holes, under ledges and in structure so they can ambush unsuspecting bait fish passing by them. Your bottom finder is going to be your best friend when you are looking for areas that may hold Red Grouper. When you find structure or a sharp drop off of 2’ or more, it is time to send a bait down and investigate. Red Grouper will come in closer to shore in the manmade reefs as well. Drifting baits around these areas is also a great way to look for them in West Palm Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you catch a Red Grouper in West Palm Beach?

Drop live baits around wrecks, ledges, hard bottom and manmade reefs in 80’-300’

What is the best rig for red grouper?

A knocker rig with a heavy gauge 8/0 circle hook is the best rig for Red Grouper

How should I rig my live baits for grouper?

Hook your live bait through the nose so that it swims naturally with you as you drift

Is red grouper good eating?

Red Grouper is fantastic to eat and is a favorite of local anglers in West Palm Beach

Can you catch a grouper at night?

Red Grouper can be caught at night and during the day

How far offshore can you get Red Grouper?

Red Grouper can be found in waters as shallow as 40’ and out to about 400’ in West Palm Beach

Are Red Grouper in Season?

The season for Red Grouper in West Palm Beach is May 1st through December 31st

How big do Red Grouper have to be in Florida?

Red Grouper must be 20’ total length to harvest in West Palm Beach

Fun Facts about West Palm Beach, Fl Red Grouper Fishing by Species

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