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West Palm Beach, Fl Jack Crevalle Fishing

Jack Crevalle Fishing in West Palm Beach

Jack Crevalle Fishing in West Palm Beach can mean a few different things depending on who you talk to. Throughout the year, small Jack Crevalle are caught throughout the inlets, bridges, ICW sea walls and just about anywhere baitfish swim in West Palm Beach. They are fun to catch but have no real value other than a decent fight and good bait. However, starting around the mullet run and persisting throughout the winter months and anytime there is big swell in the inlets, schools of big bruiser Jack Crevalle light up the Lake Worth Inlet in West Palm Beach. They can also be found in the ICW behind West Palm Beach pushing baitfish up against the sea walls during the day. Jack Crevalle are one of the toughest fighting inshore game fish and are known for being extremely hard fighters. They are known for taking a huge first run, then turning sideways and dogging you with their weight as you crank them in. The big schools of Jack Crevalle are very aggressive in West Palm Beach and can be seen chasing and crashing baitfish across the surface when they are around in good numbers. Make sure you are fishing strong enough tackle for the big Jack Crevalle, West Palm Beach is home to some of the biggest Jacks in the world!

Lures for Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach

Jack Crevalle are extremely aggressive fish that are quick to strike a quick moving, noisy surface plug, spoon, casting jig or sub surface swimming plug. Small Jack Crevalle will hit just about anything moving in West Palm Beach. Anything from a crappie jig, to a small spoon or hard lure to a piece of cut bait will get eaten by small Jack Crevalle. However, the big ones in West Palm Beach are looking to crash large baitfish on the surface. Big surface plugs are often the most productive when the big Jacks are cruising around West Palm Beach because you can rip them fast, and they create a large disturbance on the surface which the Jack Crevalle are looking for. Spoons, casting jigs and GT Ice cream style lures work extremely well in West Palm Beach too because you can cast them farther than a topwater and the shimmer will attract the fish from a far. Hard lipped plugs like the Rapala X- Rap are often used when big Jack Crevalle are around West Palm Beach because the fish will not destroy the lure, they’re quick to grab it and you do not eliminate your chance of catching other species like you do when fishing a big topwater.

Rigging up for Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach

The Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach like feeding in areas of heavy structure like inlet jetties for example. Your rig for Jack Crevalle will vary slightly depending on where you are targeting them, but for the most part, you want a long rod for distance casting and an extra-long fluorocarbon leader for abrasion resistance around the rocks in West Palm Beach. The Jack Crevalle in the Inlet at West Palm Beach love to dive for the rocks when you get them close so using a long fluorocarbon leader is essential for landing big jacks in the rocks. 80-100# leader is preferred for big Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach because they are not leader shy and you need the abrasion resistance in the rocks. Having a long heavy leader is also essential for grabbing on to when landing the fish. The heavier the leader, the easier it is to grab and pull the fish in. Ball bearing swivels are often used when casting and retrieving for larger Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach because the lures you will be using cause a lot of line twist when ripped fast. The ball bearing swivels will allow your line to spin freely without twisting, which will result in less breakoffs throughout the day.

Locating Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach

The Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach are fairly simple to locate when they are around. The first thing to keep in mind is that they like big swell. Whenever this are large waves rolling through the inlet in West Palm Beach, the Jacks will be there. Also, when the bait is around is a great time to find the Jacks. Fish the underneath the Mullet schools for them when they are thick. When the mullet are around, check the sea walls and boat docks around West Palm Beach and you will surely run into some Big Bruiser Jack Crevalle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you catch Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach?

Large Topwater Lures skipped quickly across the surface or using cut bait along the bottom is the best way to get the attention of a hungry Jack Crevalle.

What is the best bait for jack crevalle?

Cut mullet is the best bait for Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach

How do you catch Big Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach?

The biggest Jack Crevalle are caught on the biggest topwater lures you can throw out there.

Can you keep Jack Crevalle?

You can keep Jack Crevalle in West Palm Beach, but most anglers prefer catching and releasing them for sport.m

Is Jack Crevalle good bait?

Jack Crevalle is some of the best shark bait you can catch and will also work for Snook, Snapper, Tarpon and plenty of other species as fresh cut or chunked bait.

What is the biggest Jack Crevalle ever caught in West Palm Beach?

The biggest Jack Crevalle ever recorded by the West Palm Beach Fishing Club was a 50.04 pounder caught at the Lake Worth Spillway.

Why should I load my lures for Jack Crevalle?

Loading your lures for Jack Crevalle gives you more weight so you can cast the extra distance and reach the Jacks. It also gives your lures a ton of extra rattle to attract them to your lure from a far.

When are Jack Cravelle biting in West Palm Beach?

All day everyday! Jack Crevalle call these waters home and they can be seen daily at fish cleaning stations at marinas waiting for an easy meal.

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