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West Palm Beach, Fl Little Tunny False Albacore Fishing

Fishing for Little Tunny False Albacore in West Palm Beach

Bonita will be caught on just about every fishing technique in West Palm Beach. Many anglers look down on them, but they fight just as hard, if not harder than many of the other locally prized species. They are great fun on light tackle gear and can often turn a slow day of fishing into a memorable one, especially for anglers who do not spend much time deep sea fishing. Trolling feathers, planers and casting spoons and topwater lures are all great ways to bend the rods and put some Little Tunny False Albacore in your boat.

Why Catch Little Tunny False Albacore in West Palm Beach?

Little Tunny False Albacore are extremely prevalent in West Palm Beach. They can almost always be caught and are a ton of fun on light tackle. They are great bait for all kinds of species and techniques and can turn a slow day of fishing into a great way. They are always around to bend the rods when nothing else will. Bust out the light spinning rods and some topwater lures and get to casting!

How to limit Little Tunny False Albacore by-catch?

Most of the Bonita congregate around the ledge, so if you don’t want to catch them, don’t fish around the ledge. Trolling feathers and smaller baits anywhere inside of 250' is most likely gonna get you hooked up with some Bonitas. To limit your by catch, just fish in deeper water.

How to catch Little Tunny False Albacore from the Piers in West Palm Beach

Pier fishing for Little Tunny False Albacore is a ton of fun and a favorite for many locals in West Palm Beach. They offer an intense battle, especaially when hooked on light spinning gear. Many anglers catching Little Tunny False Albacore on the piers keep them to use for either Snook or Shark bait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Bonita Fish Found?

Little Tunny False Albacore, or "Bonita" are found just about anywhere nearshore and offshore to about 250 feet in West Palm Beach. They are often mixed right in with other species of Tuna on the feed, but will travel right up to the shore break at times.

Are Bonita Good Eating Fish?

Bonita are known for having very bloody and oily fillets. Some people eat them, but most anglers in West Palm Beach feel that they are much more valuable when used for bait.

What is the difference between False Albacore (Bonita) and Bonito

Bonita and Bonito are two completely different species of fish. The Little Tunny False Albacore or "Bonita" are most commonly caught in West Palm Beach. They are quite a bit larget and have a swirling pattern along their back. The Atlantic Bonito is much less common in West Palm Beach, they are a smaller species, with much straighter lines across their back and sharp teeth.

Is False Albacore a Tuna?

A False Albacore is not a true Tuna. They closely resemble Tunas, but are a member of the Mackerel family.

What does a False Albacore look like?

False Albacore look like football size Tunas that range in size from 5-20 pounds. They have white bellies, and blue backs with a unique swirling pattern. In the water you will see them spraying baitfish and slashing through the water on the feed.

What are the best lures for Bonita?

Anything shiny, silver and moving quickly through the water. Bonita have incredible eye sight so as long as you can match the size profile of what they are feeding on, and you are working your lure quickly through the water, your lure will get a bite.

How do you catch Bontia from a pier?

Bonita are usually spotted before anglers begin casting to them off the pier. Once a school is spotted, grab a long casting jig, spoon or lure and rip it back through the school.

What will I catch using Little Tunny False Albacore for bait?

Bonita are great bait for a variety of species and techniques. The most popular being trolling strips. Bonita fillets are cut into strips which are great trolling and bottom fishing baits. Anglers shark fishing often use a whole Bonita for bait as well. Snook fishermen find great success using a fresh Bonita chunk for bait on the bottom. Not much can beat a rigged Bonita strip under a skirt for swordfish either. Some anglers trolling for Blue Marlin in West Palm Beach will even bridle a whole live bonita and bump, or slow troll it!

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