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West Palm Beach, Fl Marlin Blue Fishing

Blue Marlin Fishing in West Palm Beach

Blue Marlin are not a commonly targetting specie of fish in West Palm Beach, however, many experienced captians will not put out a trolling spread without at least one heavy tackle setup and a large skirted lure. There is always that chance that the big blue will come calling, and you never really know when its going to happen. If you want to maximise the opportunity of a big Blue Marlin of a lifetime swimming in your spread, we always reccomend to have one 50-class bent butt setup rigged and ready to go in the spread.

Tackle for Blue Marlin Fishing

You will need heavy tackle for Blue Marlin Fishing in West Palm Beach. Bent Butt rods with 50-80 class reels are a must. When you hook up to a big Blue Marlin, you want to get the fish in as quickly as possible for two reasons. The first is to safely release the fish. Blue Marlin are a trophy fish that are usually released, not fighting the fish to complete exhaustion is essential to the fish's survival after the release. The second reason is becasue you do not want to spend your whole day fighting the fish. If a Blue Marlin is hooked on too light of tackle, it can take upwards of 6 hours or more to finally bring boatside. Releasing the fish as quickly as possile allows you to fish for longer and maximise your time spent on the water.

Bait for Blue Marlin Fishing

You need big baits for Blue Marlin Fishing. Large profile skirted lures like Black Bart or Iland Lures and large live baits like a bridled Bonita are great baits for attracting a Blue Marlin. Often Times, a Blue Marlin will first come up on your teasers so having a big pitch bait ready at all times is a solid technique to catch her as she swims by. Regardless of what bait you decide to use for the Blue Marlin, being preparred 100% of the time is the most important factor. That means having that big bait back in the spread at all times, and always having that pitch bait ready no matter what!

Locating Blue Marlin in West Palm Beach

Blue Marlin like deep water and baitfish. If you come across a school of Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) or tuna in deep water, there is chance of a Blue Marlin lurking near by. If you are in clean, deep water with a lot of large sized baitfish around, you are definitely in an area where a Blue Marlin could be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish for blue marlin?

Blue Marlin are caught in West Palm Beach by trolling Heavy Tackle and large lures while deep sea fishing

How rare is it to catch a Blue Marlin in West Palm Beach?

It is fairly rare to catch a Blue Marlin in West Palm Beach, but they are around and do get caught here in West Palm Beach

Do you eat Blue Marlin?

Blue Marlin are edible fish, however most Blue Marlin that are caught are released due to their size, beauty and challenge to catch.

What does a Marlin use its bill for?

Marlin use its bill to kill or stun the baitfish before swinging back around and consuming the easy meal, head first.

Does Marlin eat Tuna?

One of a big Marlin's favorite foods is a Tuna, followed closely by a Mahi Mahi

Is it legal to catch a Marlin in Florida?

It is legal to catch and release a Marlin anywhere in Florida. However, to kill any billfish in federal waters, you need a Federal HMS Permit

How long does it take to reel in a Blue Marlin?

Depending on the size of the Blue Marlin, and the tackle you are fighting it on, it could take anywhere from 1-5 hours to get boatside

When is the best season for Blue Marlin in West Palm Beach?

There is not a season for Blue Marlin in West Palm Beach

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