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West Palm Beach, Fl Pompano Fishing

Pompano Fishing in West Palm Beach

Pompano are some of the best tasting inshore species caught in West Palm Beach, however, there is so much more to Pompano than their taste. They are notoriously hard fighters for their size and are caught right off the beach in the surf zone at West Palm Beach. The Pompano in West Palm Beach are primarily bottom feeders that mainly eat crustaceans like sand fleas, shrimp, and crabs. Pompano are a migratory species that swim south in the winter and north when that water begins heating back up in the spring. Finding a lot of Pompano in West Palm Beach is all about water temperature. The Pompano are most comfortable when the water is around 68 degrees, so they follow that water temperature up and down the coast. November through January is the best time to catch Pompano in West Palm Beach. Look for them to be right in the surf feeding on crustaceans behind the rolling waves. As waves break, the sand along the bottom gets churned up, uncovering hundreds of sand fleas for the Pompano to feast on. In West Palm Beach, the Pompano are mostly caught off the beach, from the pier or on a boat right behind the breaking waves in the surf.

Locating Pompano in West Palm Beach

Before filling your cooler with Pompano, you will first have to find where they are in West Palm Beach. They can be found in the surf, off the ocean piers and sometimes even around the inshore waters of West Palm Beach. Pompano are a favorite for land-based anglers in West Palm Beach because they run so close to shore within an easy cast from the beach. The best part about them is that they are spread all up and down the surf zone so you can find a nice, empty spot on the beach to get set up and have just as good a shot as the next guy. No need to fight the crowds when locating Pompano in West Palm Beach. In fact, you have a better chance fishing in solitude. Ideal water conditions for locating Pompano in West Palm Beach include a medium, slightly swelling surf, just enough to mix up the sand fleas along the bottom. When the water is too rough and churned up, the Pompano tend to move farther out into cleaner water. The most important tip for locating Pompano is to look for something different. Whether it is a deeper hole or cut through a sandbar, rip current or white water churning up bait, the Pompano strongly relate to the beach structure in West Palm Beach.

Getting set up for Pompano Fishing in West Palm Beach

There are a few things you will need to get set up for Pompano Fishing in West Palm Beach. As you get more and more serious about it the list will begin increasing, but there are only a few essential items you will need to start out in West Palm Beach. The first is an 8-12-foot surf rod for casting your Pompano rig long distances past the breaking waves. The next is a bag of fish Fishbites. As live crustaceans are the bait of choice for most Pompano anglers in West Palm Beach, fish bites are an awesome artificial bait that work extremely well as back up bait or for when the water is stained because they put out a lot of scent. You will need 30# fluorocarbon leader, 1/0-2/0 hooks, small beads, and extra swivels to re-tie or replace any broken rigs. Use pyramid sinkers for your Pompano rigs in West Palm Beach, so your rig does not roll in current. Make sure your weight is as light as the conditions will allow for the best presentation in the water. The last thing you will need to get set up for Pompano fishing in West Palm Beach are sand spikes, staked in the ground 6-8 yards apart which will allow you to fish multiple rods at once.

Natural vs. Artifical Baits for Pompano Fishing

There are pros and cons to using both natural and artifical baits for Pompano fishing. Most anglers use natural baits for Pompano because it works so well and you can catch your own sand fleas right where you are fishing. It is always best to give the fish whatever they may be naturally feeding on so natural baits always will work well. However, natural baits like sand fleas do not always stay on the hook well. If the bite is good, you will constantly be re baiting hooks, catching more bait and dealing with constant stolen baits off your hook. Artificial baits like fish bites stay on the hook extremely well. It is scented too is very effective for catching fish. You do not need to re bait every time you get a bite or catch a fish so it is a lot more efficient and simple too. Many anglers in West Palm Beach will double up, using a piece of artificial Pompano bait first, followed by some natural bait. This way, there is still something there for the fish to bite if they steal your bait. Another way to catch Pompano, commonly used by boat and pier anglers is the jig. Pompano jigs are extremely effective as well as the most effecient way of catching pomano. The quills on the hooks along with the action of the jig is plenty to attract the fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I fish for Pompano in West Palm Beach, Fl?

There are plenty of productive areas for catching Pompano in West Palm Beach. They include the Lake Worth Inlet, Lake Worth Pier and any of the many public access beaches in West Palm Beach.

What time of year do Pompano run in West Palm Beach?

Although Pompano can be caught year around, the Winter months including November-February produces the best Pompano action in West Palm Beach. Look for East or North East winds and swell along the beach.

What is the best bait to catch Pompano?

The best bait for catching Pompano in West Palm Beach is Sand Fleas. You can catch them right at the beach by digging your hands into the sand along the water's edge, or buying them frozen at a Bait and Tackle Shop.

What is the best way to catch Pompano?

The best way to catch Pompano in West Palm Beach is with a hi - low rig off the beach. Use a 3 oz. Pyramid sinker to hold your bait in place. We recommend rigging the bottom hook with a live sand flea and the top hook with a piece of orange Fish Bites.

is there a size limit on Pompano?

Yes, there is a size limit on Pompano. They must be at least 12" to keep in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Can you catch Pompano at night?

Pompano are primarily sight feeders so it is not as productive fishing for them at night. However, they do bite at night and we have seen some fishing reports of Pompano being caught at night.

What is the best Pompano fishing rig?

The best rig for Pompano fishing in West Palm Beach is a hi-lo rig for casting off the surf and about 3' of flourocarbon leader to a Pompano Jig if you are fishing from boat or pier in West Palm Beach.

What is the best tide for Pompano fishing in West Palm Beach?

The best tide for Pompano fishing is the beginning of the outgoing tide. This is when the most sand fleas will be getting churned up in the surf and the fish will be located tight to the back side of the sandbar, in casting range, feasting on all the sand fleas being tossed around.

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