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West Palm Beach, Fl Sailfish Fishing

Sailfish Season in West Palm Beach

Sailfish can be caught all year-round in West Palm Beach, but most people don’t begin targetting them until they really start pushing through in the winter months. There are some resident Sailfish that cruise just off of West Palm Beach 365 days a year, but there just are not enough of them for anglers to get after them. During the season, it is not uncommon for boats to release upwards of 10-12 Sails on any given day. The peak season lasts from January through March. It is all dertermined by the weather. Once a few cold fronts come rolling through West Palm Beach, Sailfish season begins. If it is cold outside, the wind is blowing East and some recent cold fronts have been coming through, then it must be Sailfish season!

How to catch Sailfish in West Palm Beach

Sailfish anglers generally use one of two techniques when targetting Sailfish in West Palm Beach. The number one and best technique for catching Sailfish in West Palm Beach is Kite Fishing. This is because it is the most effective technique as you have a live bait, with minimal terminal tackle and line in the water making it the most natural presentation for the fish. The only down side to kite fishing is that it can be challenging for anglers who have not done it before and it is best to seek advice from your local tackle shop. Some anglers in West Palm Beach prefer to bump troll their live baits, slowly pulling the boat in and out of gear to naturally present the live baits. The problem with bump trolling is that you kill your baits a lot easier, it is not as good of a presentation, you will gut hook more fish and it is less efficient than kite fishing.

Where to catch Sailfish Florida

"Sailfish Alley" is a 60 mile stretch ranging from Fort Pierce to West Palm Beach. The best part of catching the Sailfish in West Palm Beach is that you do not need to go far offshore to catch them. Most of the Sailfish caught here in West Palm Beach are inside of three miles from the inlet. During the peak of the season, many anglers fishing off of West Palm Beach run out to around 150' which is only about 1.5 miles off the beach. The gulf stream runs closer to West Palm Beach than anywhere else along the East Coast so it is a great location to catch a number of Sails while staying close to shore.

When can I catch a Sailfish in West Palm Beach?

Peak Sailfishing season occurs between December and March each year. When the cold fronts start rolling through West Palm Beach, so do the Sails. They like the chilly air, rough water conditions and the bait movement associated with both of these factors. The Sailfish hang out North of South Florida in the spring, summer and fall and begin migrating south as both the air and water temperatures begin to drop. However, West Palm Beach is home to a smaller population of resident Sailfish that feed right off West Palm Beach all year-round, offering local anglers the shot at one of these acrobatic trophy fish 365 days a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I catch Sailfish in West Palm Beach?

Sailfish are caught off West Palm Beach mainly between 90 and 300 feet. This dept range from Port St. Lucie to West Palm Beach is known as "Sailfish Alley" around the world.

What is the best month to catch a Sailfish in West Palm Beach

February is usually the best bet for catching Sailfish in West Palm Beach. We are typically right in heart of Sailfish season and will have had a few decent cold fronts to turn on the bite. Many anglers are usually experiencing double digit release days by February.

Can you keep Sailfish in Florida?

Most of the Sailfish caught in South Florida are released due to the fact that they are widely considered to be a "Trophy Fish". Their sheer beauty and awesome sportfish qualities is what causes many anglers to strictly catch and release their Sailfish. On top of that, they are known for not having the best quality meat. Many anglers firmly believe they are worth far more alive than on the table. However, it is legal to harvest 1 Sailfish per angler in Florida, as long as it is 63" or greater when measured from the lower jaw to the fork of the tail but must be reported to the NOAA within 24 hours of harvest.

How hard is it to catch a Sailfish?

Sailfishing can be challenging for new anglers just, especially kite fishing in West Palm Beach. It is important to research your preferred technique and become knowledable with exactly what everything is along with when, where and why to use it. We always reccomend for new kite anglers to start slow. 1 kite and 1 bait is a great way to learn you way around the rigging, the gear and what to do when a fish bites. After you are comfortable fishing one rod, you can refine your technique, add more kites and baits to dial it in and become more effient. Efficiency is key for Sailfishing in West Palm Beach. Anlgers who learn to be efficient on a small scale typically are much more successful when it comes time to incorperate more lines and more advanced techniques.

How do you fish for Sailfish?

Anglers in West Palm Beach typically use one of two techniques for catching Sailfish. Kite Fishing is the most popular and most efficient technique. It includes presenting a live baitfish just under the surface of the water from a kite flying in the air. Another technique used in West Palm Beach is bump trolling your live baits. You may not get as many bites becuase the presentation is not as effective, and it is nearly impossible to catch and release fish as quick as the anglers using kites, but it is a much simplier technique that can work.

How fast is a Sailfish?

Sailfish are widely considered to be one of the fastest swimming fish in the ocean. They have been clocked in at speeds in excess of 68 MPH.

How big do Sailfish get?

Sailfish grow rapidly and are known to reach about four to five feet in length within one year. The Sailfish in South Florida are typically slightly smaller than other locations around the world, but we do see a number of triple digit fish each year. The Florida State record Sailfish is 126 Lbs

What hooks should I be using for Sailfish?

6/0-8/0 inline perfect circle hooks. 7/0 are most commonly used. Inline circle hooks are essential to the survival of the fish after releasing.

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