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West Palm Beach, Fl MangroveSnapper Fishing

Snapper (Mangrove) Fishing in West Palm Beach

Snapper (Mangrove) are some of the most popular inshore and nearshore species to catch around West Palm Beach. Why? Because they are delicious, hard fighters, and can be caught consistently from bridges, docks, piers, inlets, rock piles, oyster beds, deep holes, and shallow flats near deep water and just about anywhere else there is structure. Snapper (Mangrove) typically reside along the bottom in West Palm Beach where they can be found feeding on things like small crustaceans and baitfish. Snapper (Mangrove) spend most of their juvenile lifetime in the inshore waters of West Palm Beach, until they move offshore after maturity is reached. Often times, anglers fishing for Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach believe that the deepest water around is the most productive for the Snapper. However, it is the areas with structure, cover and current eddies that really hold these fish. The Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach are known to be aggressive, especially on the strike. Serious Snapper fishermen in West Palm Beach always hold their rod when Snapper fishing so they can quickly set the hook after a bite.

Bait and Rigs for Snapper (Mangrove) fishing in West Palm Beach

There are multiple ways anglers catch Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach. The great thing about them is that they can be caught using so many different types of baits, rigs, and techniques. Whatever is available for bait will work most of time. Artificial, live, and dead baits are all commonly used. The best thing to use will always be live bait in West Palm Beach. Whether you have pilchards, shrimp, small crabs or sardines, live baits are almost always quick to get picked up by a Snapper (Mangrove). There are three main rigs used for the inshore Mangrove Snapper in West Palm Beach. Fish finder (Carolina) rigs, knocker rigs and pinch weight rigs are all used in West Palm Beach. Artificial baits and lures work well too for the Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach. Anglers use all sorts of artificial baits like curly tail grubs, Gulp shrimp, small fluke baits and other soft plastic lures than can be worked on the bottom for Mangrove Snapper and mimics a small baitfish or crustacean. Make sure your lure is small enough for these fish, as they have tiny mouths. Cast very close to the structure you are fishing and work your lure back slowly with hard twitches.

Locating Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach

Locating Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach is easy if you know where to look. The fish love structure of any kind. It can be rocks, reefs, pilings, pier, submerged tree branches and of course mangrove roots. Snapper (Mangrove) are mainly ambush predators that wait for prey to come near and they inhale them. Howver, unlike many ambush predators, these fish will agressively chase a meal that they think is worth it. Locating Mangs offshore in West Palm Beach, watch you bottom finder for any kind of structure and bonus if it has small bait schools on it. These snapper also like hard bottom so if you find hard soundings on your machine, it is worth it to stop and send some baits down. Inshore, look for any place that can be safe haven for these fish. Docks and mangrove trees are the best place to start as they both provide home for the snapper as well as the baitfish they feed on.

Snapper (Mangrove) Tips and Tricks for West Palm Beach

Contrary to what many anglers believe, Snapper (Mangrove) can be found throughout the water column in West Palm Beach, mostly from the middle depth section down to the bottom, not just on the bottom. Bridges and piers located near deep water but not in it, often hold a good number of Mangrove Snapper. Many anglers think that the deepest water on the bridge or pier will be the best place to fish, however, this is rarely true! The most productive areas for Mangrove Snapper on the piers and bridges in West Palm Beach will almost always be shallower areas with cover and good current to hold the fish. The best Mangrove Snapper fishermen in West Palm Beach always study the structure. Spend some time looking under the bridges or the pier you are fishing in West Palm Beach for current breaks or current eddies, rock piles, or holes caused from current pushing around bridge pilings. Try to fish around any of these hard or soft structures you may see underneath the bridge or pier you are fishing in West Palm Beach. Use only as little of a weight as possible to hold bottom, no more than what you need. If the Mangrove Snapper are hitting light or subtle, try downsizing your weight size. Not only will this make the bite much easier to feel, the fish are less likely to drop the bait after picking it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fish for Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach, Florida?

A great way to fish for Mangrove Snapper in West Palm Beach, whether offshore or inshore, is a sliding egg sinker, 18-36" of light flourocarbon leader to a 2/0-3/0 hook. Use a small live bait or fresh dead bait along hard bottom, near the structure. Try either letting your bait sit on the bottom, or drifting it back naturally with the current

What is the best bait to catch Snapper (Mangrove)?

The best bait to catch Mangrove Snapper is a live Pilchard.

How big to Mangrove Snapper have to be to keep in Florida?

Snapper (Mangrove) have to be at least 10" long to keep in West Palm Beach, Florida

How big to Snapper (Mangrove) get?

Mangrove Snapper caught offshore can reach upwards of 20 pounds, but it is uncommon to find them over 3-4 pounds on inshore waters.

What size hooks for Mangrove Snapper?

2/0-4/0 hooks are the perfect size for Snapper (Mangrove)

How much weight should I be using for Mangrove Snapper?

Use only enough weight to hold bottom while Snapper (Mangrove) fishing. Anything heavier can hinder the presentation of your bait, and too light of weight will cause your bait to drift away from the strike zone.

What is the best time of year to catch Snapper (Mangrove) in West Palm Beach?

Mangrove Snapper fishing is fantastic all year around in West Palm Beach.

Where to find Mangrove Snapper Inshore in West Palm Beach

Mangrove Snapper can be caught all over the inshore waters of West Palm Beach. The inlet, bridges, sea walls, mangroves, in and around the boat docks and around Munyon Island are all great places to catch Mangrove Snapper in West Palm Beach.

Fun Facts about West Palm Beach, Fl MangroveSnapper Fishing by Species

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