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West Palm Beach, Fl Yellowtail Snapper Fishing

Fishing for Snapper (Yellowtail) in West Palm Beach

Snapper (Yellowtail) are a prized species in West Palm Beach and for any snapper angler. These fish are finicky and spooky so you must have just the right sized rigs to trick them into biting. Snapper (Yellowtail) are not the largest of the snapper family but they are the best to eat. These snappers are schooling fish meaning that they congregate in schools so when you catch one, there are going to be a bunch in that same area in West Palm Beach. Snapper (Yellowtail) like structure of some sort to hide when bigger fish come along. This structure also provides a home for the baitfish that they feed on in West Palm Beach. The meat of Snapper (Yellowtail) is extremely delicate and it is best to store them in an ice slurry to keep the meat firm before fileting.

Tackle and Rigs for Snapper (Yellowtail) in West Palm Beach

You do not want to go too heavy when targeting Snapper (Yellowtail) in West Palm Beach. A medium to medium light rod with a moderate fast action has the right balance so you will feel the bite and enough give allowing some forgiveness when setting the hook. You will want to use at max 20lb line and a 10lb-20lb fluorocarbon leader is almost mandatory to get the big Snapper (Yellowtail) to bite. Spinning reels are best to use as you will constantly be moving your line out and the spinner makes this task much easier than using conventional reels. Use small hook no larger than 3/0 or use a small jig head in 1/8oz-1oz. Just above the hook or jig head, place a small split shot to help keep that bait in the strike zone in West Palm Beach.

Locating and Catching Snapper (Yellowtail) in West Palm Beach

How do you catch a yellowtail snapper? Before you head out and target Snapper (Yellowtail) in West Palm Beach, you will want to look at a map that shows the local reefs and wrecks in waters from 50’-120’. Once you have picked a few areas that could potentially hold Snapper (Yellowtail), drive over the areas watching your bottom machine and look for schools of bait and fish congregating. Make sure to note which side of the structure the fish are congregating around in West Palm Beach. Go up current and anchor your boat so that you are just up current from where you marked the fish. Place a chum bag over the side and give it 10 mins to get a nice chum slick going back to the Snapper (Yellowtail). Put a small piece of bait on your hook or jig head and allow the line to float back with the chum. Do not let the line stop or the bait will spin in West Palm Beach. Keep feeding the line out until you get a bite.

Snapper (Yellowtail) Rod and Reel Setup

Rod and Reel setup for Snapper (Yellowtail) fishing in West Palm Beach can be a bit tricky if you are not used to this type of fishing. These snappers may be some of the smaller ones in the snapper family but they still fight hard. Yellowtail will also peck at the bait at times before fully committing to taking the bait. First you are going to want a rod that you can feel the bite on that has a slower action with a medium to medium light power. This rod combination is a perfect rod to be able to feel the small nibbles and enough power to get the fish to the boat. For your reel you want a spinner in the 3000-5000 class. Serious Snapper (Yellowtail) anglers in West Palm Beach also prefer to use an inshore style saltwater reel as they are ultralight and reduce the fatigue on your wrists as you will be actively holding it while fishing. Top anglers and pros in West Palm Beach use a Shimano Terramar ML 7’ rod paired with a Shimano Stradic 5000 using 20lb Sufix 832 braid and a Saiko 15lb-20lb fluorocarbon leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bait for Snapper (Yellowtail)?

Cut bait is best for Yellowtail Snapper fishing. Sardines, Ballyhoo, Pilchards, Shrimp and Squid are all extremely effective bait choices for Yellowtail.

What is the size limit for Yellowtail Snapper?

The size limit for Yellowtail Snapper both in the Atlantic and Gulf is 12" to the fork. You may keep 10 fish per harvester per day.

How do you fish for Yellowtail Snapper in West Palm Beach?

Thaw out a frozen chum block in the water to start drawing some fish around the boat. Give the chum a few minuites to settle and begin working. They are very spooky fish so letting them become comfertable behind your boat for a few minuites before fishing is key. After about 20 minuites of the fish feeding behind the boat unbothered, tip your yellowtail jigs with a fresh piece of cut bait and let it drift natually back into the chum slick

What size hooks for Yellowtail Snapper fishing?

1/16-1/8 oz "drift" jighead with a small size 1 or 2 hook

Why use jigs for Yellowtail Snapper?

Using drift jigs for Yellowtail Snapper allows you to naturally drift your baits back into your chum slick. With a jig head instead of a naked hook, your bait has weight to it and will sink better into the water column.

Can I catch Yellowtail Snapper without chumming?

Absolutely you can. In fact Yellowtail Snapper are caught by anglers targeting Snapper (Mutton). They may be smaller than Muttons but they will eat large baits.

What is the best time to catch Yellowtail Snapper?

The best time to catch Yellowtail Snapper is anytime during the day or night as they feed at both times. Some anglers prefer nighttime as your bait presentation is better since the sun is not overhead shining against your line and hooks. In West Palm Beach Yellowtail can be caught year round.

Where should I fish for Yellowtail Snapper in West Palm Beach?

Start your search for Yellowtail Snapper around any natural reef in the 80-110' depth range. Look for strcuture and anywhere you find small bait balls on your bottom finder.

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