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West Palm Beach, Fl Snook Fishing

Snook Fishing in West Palm Beach

Snook is a favorite target of both inshore, surf and pier anglers in West Palm Beach. Many years ago, the snook population took a hard hit from red tide and overfishing and became a protected species by the FWC. Only snook caught “in the slot”, meaning over a minimum size but nit larger than size, can be kept. Because of this, the snook in West Palm Beach can be huge as the larger ones are protected from harvesting. These snook are powerful fish and you need to have the proper tackle to handle them. Snook are opportunistic predators and either wait to ambush prey in covered areas or move as schools looking for an easy meal in West Palm Beach. Snook also see a tremendous amount of pressure from anglers in West Palm Beach, so your presentation must be on point to be successful.

Setups, Rigs and Lures for Snook in West Palm Beach

Since the snook can often be larger than 40” in West Palm Beach, you are going to want a heavier setup that has the backbone and stopping power to match them. A medium heavy rod with a fast action is a good start when targeting snook. Pair that with a 6000-8000 class spinning reel so that you have the line capacity and drag you will need to get that snook to the boat in West Palm Beach. Lures vary depending on the area that you are fishing but there are a few lures that are essential in any snook anglers tackle box. A topwater plug that you impart a “walk the dog” action too is a proven slayer and can be used everywhere from the surf to the backwaters. Another favorite of snook anglers in West Palm Beach is the flair hawk style jig. These jigs have crimped hair and a tail to give it a larger profile when bounced along the bottom. Live bait is always a favorite of an angler but make sure you are using the smallest hooks you feel comfortable fishing to improve the presentation.

Where to Find Snook in West Palm Beach

One of the great things about Snook In West Palm Beach is they can be found throughout our waters. You will find them cruising in schools along the beach and are easily targeting by surf anglers. Make sure to get your bait or lure out in front of the school. Snook are prolific around piers as this provides a natural habitat for small baitfish and gives the snook in West Palm Beach areas to lie in wait of an easy meal. Snook love cover and is why you will also find them along the mangroves in the backwater where baitfish take refuge. Docks are another great place to find snook in West Palm Beach and many docks also have green underwater lights called “snook lights”. Finally, when the sun is down, snook will stack up in the shadows of bridges using the lighted areas to targeting unsuspecting baitfish.

Snook Season in West Palm Beach

Snook season in West Palm Beach is a year-round fishery. You can only keep them when they are "in season" from September 1-Dec 15, but you can target them for catch and release year-round. In the summer, the Snook spawn along the beaches and are caught best in the surf, around the piers and in the inlets. Come September, the Snook begin moving back to the bridges while they wait for the mullet to show up. Once the mullet run is on you will find Snook gorging on their favorite baitfish anywhere they can be found. After the mullet fade away, the water and air temperatures begin to drop and the Snook are stacked in the back water, the shrimp flush begins. This is the best time of year to fish the bridges in West Palm Beach as the Snook are stacked up on the shadow lines feeding on shrimp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tide is best for Snook Fishing?

The best tide for Snook Fishing is outgoing because the water is usually dirtier and the fish are fooled more easily by your lure or baitfish

What is the best lure to catch Snook?

The best lure to catch Snook is a 1.5 oz Flair Hawk jig

Can you Keep Snook in Florida?

You can keep 1 snook per day ranging between 28-32 inches from september 1-december 15

Do I need A Snook Permit in Florida?

You do need a Snook Permit in Florida, it is $10 per year.

Can I catch Snook at the Palm Beach Inlet?

The Palm Beach Inlet is one of the best locations to catch Snook in all of Florida. Whether you are fishing by boat or from the rocks, it is a world famous location for catching Snook.

Why do I keep getting short strikes while Snook Fishing?

Snook school up thick along the bottom, called "pods". Often times anglers getting short strikes from Snook are really bouncing their lure through a pod. Your lure is running over the backs and the tails of all the Snook, but is not running across their nose. Often times switching up your angle on the fish to sweep across their faces will result in getting bites

What rigs should I use for Snook Fishing?

For Snook fishing with live or dead baits on the bottom, use a 2-3 Oz. sliding Egg sinker with 3 feet of 60-80# flourocarbon leader to a hook that matches the size of your baitfish.

Do I need heavy tackle for Snook Fishing?

You need heavy tackle for catching the Snook in West Palm Beach. Especially when fishing tight to structure, you really want a setup that can turn the fish and keep them away from the structure. In the Inlet, you need an extra strong rod to pull the fish up through the rocks and keep them from diving under the rocks while trying to get them in.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in West Palm Beach, Fl Snook Fishing

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