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West Palm Beach, Fl Swordfish Fishing

Fishing for Swordfish (Daytime) in West Palm Beach

Fishing for Swordfish in West Palm Beach is quickly gaining interest with many anglers as they have learned that it is not just a nighttime fishery. Swordfish are found in deep waters during the day in depths of 1200’-2200’. Fishing for swordfish in West Palm Beach is the ultimate game of tug of war that puts you, your crew and your gear to the test. West Palm Beach is one of the best places in the world to catch a swordfish. Swordfish are an extremely strong fish and hunt with their bill and when you bring them up to the boat, they are going to do everything in their power to protect themselves.

Setup for catching Swordfish in West Palm Beach

Before you even think about going out for swordfish in West Palm Beach you need to understand that preparation and attention to detail is everything. Having an electric reel is a must have piece of your setup and not just any electric reel, you want one that has the right mix of speed, line capacity, drag and torque to handle the power of swordfish in West Palm Beach. Your wind-on leader is another essential part of your setup and can make or break a day of fishing for swordfish. Your rod needs to be strong enough to handle the immense pressure of the tug of war but the tip has to have enough action to see the bite.

Locating Swordfish in West Palm Beach

To locate swrodfish in West Palm Beach, the first thing you need to do is look at a contour map of the seafloor. Look in depths starting at 1000' out to about 2000' for deep drop offs, canyons and sharp hills. These areas are bait magnets that baitfish and squid will congregate around. Swordfish mainly feed on squid and these areas are magnets for them during the day as the squid go deep during the day. It is not guaranteed that jsut because you have the right bottom contour that you will get a swordfish bite but you are improving your odds. Mark several spot along that you can drift along for several hours that have the right features.

Daytime vs Nighttime Swordfish in West Palm Beach

Daytime vs Nighttimne Sword fishing in West Palm Beach really boils down to how you want to fish. Both you will be targeting the same fish except during the day you will be fishing deep water on the bottom opposed to nighttime where you will be fishing closer to the surface. The gear requriements are also very different. For daytime swordfishing in West Palm Beach, you will need reels and rods that can handle large amounts of line, can handle the pressure of large weights and the ability to pull potentially 500+ pounds of angry fish up from over 1000' of water. LPs are a goto daytime reels as they meet all these requirements and then some. For Nighttime Swords in West Palm Beach you can scale down the equipment and use 80 wide conventional reels as you will be fishing much closer to the surface as the Swordfish will be feeding higher in the water column.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bait for Swordfish

Rigged strip bait beneath a skirt is the best bait for Swordfish. Bonita and Dolphin strips are the most popular stripped baits. Whole rigged squid are also fantastic baits for the Swords in West Palm Beach

Can you catch Swordfish in West Palm Beach, Florida?

Yes, West Palm Beach is a great location for catching Swordfish! West Palm Beach is the closest location on the entire east coast to the Gulf Stream Waters, so you do not have to travel as far as many other locations to catch them.

Where can I find Swordfish in West Palm Beach?

The Swordfish in West Palm Beach are found along steep drop offs and ledges from 1200'- 2200'. The best depth to target them is usually aroud 1800'

How do you catch Swordfish in South Florida?

The Swordfish in West Palm Beach are caught by Deep dropping with big electric reels, long wind-on leaders and bent butt rods with extremely fast tips. 1 or 2 lines are dropped down and fished near the bottom until a Swordfish begins whacking the bait with its' bill

What depth do Swordfish live?

Swordfish live in the depth range of 1200'-2200' of water. They use the steep drop offs and contental shelfs located in this depth range to hunt and feed.

What is the best time to catch Swordfish in West Palm Beach?

Swirdfish can be caught anytime of year in south florida. Anglers consider summer the best time as the seas are more favorable for the long days of watching the rod for bites.

Where can I find bait for Swordfish in West Palm Beach?

Fishin My Best Life on US 1 has all the swordfish baits Squid Eels Bonita Belly Mahi Belly

What Shimano Reel can I use for Swordfish in West Palm Beach?

The Beastmaster 9000a is a powerful electric reel that will not overheat because of the brushless motor and recently a 468lb Swordfish was caught in the keys on it

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