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West Palm Beach, Fl Tilefish Fishing

Fishing for Tilefish in West Palm Beach

There are two types of tilefish that you will encounter when fishing in West Palm Beach. First is Blueline Tilefish also known as Grey Tiles and live in waters from 200’-600’. The second type of Tilefish you will find is the Golden Tilefish. They will be in waters from 700’ and deeper. Regardless of which type of Tilefish you are targeting; the fishing technique is the same. Golden Tilefish can be caught and harvested year-round with a bag limit of 1 per angler. Blueline Tilefish can be caught year-round in West Palm Beach but have closed season but have a limit of 3 per angler.

Setups and Tips for Tilefish in West Palm Beach

Regardless of which type of Tilefish you are targeting in West Palm Beach, you will be fishing in deep water. These deeper waters are close to, and at times, within the Gulf Stream where there is a strong current. Because of this, you will be using weights ranging from 3lbs to 12lbs when fishing for Tilefish in West Palm Beach. The lead alone can quickly fatigue an angler when reeling in from the depths and that is why you want to use an electric reel. The current not only requires you to use heavy weights when deep dropping but causes your line to scope out (where the line bows) and using the smallest diameter line possible is a necessity when fishing for Tilefish in West Palm Beach. Your baits must stay on the bottom as Tilefish will not venture far from the bottom and their burrow.

Locating Tilefish in West Palm Beach

Tilefish live on the bottom and create burrows in the mud in West Palm Beach. If you have a sounder powerful enough to ping the ocean floor, you can look at the return to determine whether it is soft or hard bottom, but it can still be difficult to distinguish mud from sand. Another way to look for spots to fish for Tilefish in West Palm Beach is by looking at the contour lines on charts. Look for contour lines that are spaced for apart and have a pronounced “U” shaped curved in them. Many times, this will be muddy bottom and will hold Tilefish in West Palm Beach.

Making Your Own Tilefish Rigs

Making your own Tilefish Rigs is an easy way to cut down on the costs and hassle of purchasing pre tied rigs every time you want to target Tilefish. Make yourself up an organized tackle box including 80 lb. line to tie the rig, 3 way swivels, 6/0-8/0 non-stainless circle hooks 4-6 lb. sinkers and water activated deep drop lights. In essence, a Tilefish rig is nothing more than a giant sabiki rig. Use the 3 way swivels to make the branches of your Tilefish rig with the hooks hanging 6 inches off the rig. 6-8 branches is all you need. Space the swivels about 3 feet apart, leaving room for your weight on the bottom, and a snap or barrel swivel on the top to connect your main line to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Golden Tilefish in West Palm Beach?

You can find Golden Tilefish hanging around a common depth range of 500-900' off West Palm Beach. They live in areas of soft bottom like mud or clay which they borrow their bodies into for protection.

Where can I find Blue Line Tilefish in West Palm Beach

Blue Line Tilefish live in shallower water than the Goldens. The 200-400' depth range is where you need to be for the Blue Lines. They like hard, or live bottom and they are known to be much more prevalent than Goldens.

Do Tilefish have high mercury content in West Palm Beach?

The Tilefish in West Palm Beach do have a high Mercury Content, but they are safe to eat. They do not contain as much Mercury as the Tilefish found in the Gulf, which are known for having a much higher Mercury content.

Can I Hand Crank For Tilefish in West Palm Beach?

You can hand crank for the Tilefish in West Palm Beach, but deep dropping with an electric reel is much more preferred. Hand cranking for Tilefish is extremely exhausting and can take some of the fun out of catching this delicious species.

What else will I catch while targeting Tilefish in West Palm Beach?

Mainly you will find Rose Bellies, Vermillion Snapper and some groupers

What is the size limit for Tilefish in West Palm Beach?

There is no size limit on Golden Tilefish and each angler may keep one with a max total of 3 per boat

What types of tilefish are in West Palm Beach?

There are 2 types of tilefish caught in our waters, Blueline and Golden

What is the best bait for Tilefish in West Palm Beach?

Squid is the best bait as it lat longer than cut bait and has much more movement that cut bait. Squid is also the normal forage of tilefish.

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Fun Facts about West Palm Beach, Fl Tilefish Fishing by Species

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