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West Palm Beach, Fl Tripletail Fishing

Tripletail fishing in West Palm Beach

Tripletail fishing in West Palm Beach is a great way to put some of the best eating fish in the boat. Tripletail are opportunistic feeders meaning that they wait for food to come to them. Most times when you find Tripletail in West Palm Beach, they will be laying on their sides. They do this to mimic debris or weed floating in the ocean that smaller fish and crabs use as protective habitat. Tripletail also can change colors from a dark brown to light brown with spots. This helps the Tripletail camouflage itself amongst debris and weed lines in West Palm Beach. Baitfish and crabs will go to the tripletail thinking it is a safe place for them to hide from predators. Once the bait gets close to the tripletail, it will strike. When you are presenting baits or lures to tripletail in West Palm Beach, it is important to allow your offering to mimic a bait mistaking it for shelter.

Locating Tripletail in West Palm Beach

Locating Tripletail in West Palm Beach is easy if you know what to look for. Tripletail are trying to disguise themselves as just another piece of floating debris. Anytime you see something floating that looks like it has been floating at sea for a while then you want to stop and investigate to see if there are tripletail hanging around it in West Palm Beach. There is not a specific depth that these fish congregate in, it is all about how the seas and wind are moving debris and weeds through out the area. Tripletail will also be found along weed lines in West Palm Beach. When you spot a decent weed line, drive along it and look for any spots that weeds and debris are congregating. Since Tripletail can change colors, they will often be found floating on the edge of a thick part of the weed line. You will also find them on pieces of debris just outside the weed line in West Palm Beach as well.

Gear for Tripletail fishing in West Palm Beach

Choosing gear for Tripletail in West Palm Beach is also important as many times you will be using small lightweight lures or unweighted live bait offerings. Tripletails are not big fighters and can easily be subdued. Start with a 7’ Medium Light rod that has a moderate fast action as this will give you more control casting your lightweight baits as location and presentation of baits is everything when Tripletail fishing in West Palm Beach. Pair this rod with a saltwater rated inshore reel in the 4000-5000 class. You want to spool the reel with braided line either 15lb or 20lb with a 4’ section of 20lb fluorocarbon leader. The braid allows you to cast small lures and baits farther and the fluoro is important as these fish have great eyesight, and the waters are extremely clear in West Palm Beach.

Bait for Tripletail fishing in West Palm Beach

Choosing bait for Tripletail fishing is West Palm Beach is not complicated as there are only a few preferred choices. Live bait is always a favorite of local anglers as this is the same forage Tripletail are current feeding on. Small shrimp is the top choice as it is not only effective in coaxing them into eating, but they are also available all year round and are easy to deal with on the boat. Small crabs are also a top choice as, again, this is what the Tripletail are feeding on in West Palm Beach. Small carbs are hard to find at times though. If live bait is not your style, no worries, there are other ways to get these to eat. Frozen shrimp and small pieces of cut fish can also work in a pinch in West Palm Beach. Tripletail will also eat artificial offerings if presented correctly to them. A small soft plastic shrimp or crab allowed to drift by a tripletail will get you tight if they are not being too picky that day in West Palm Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Triple tail fish good to eat?

YES! Tripletail is one of the best eating fish in West Palm Beach

Where are Tripletail found?

Tripletail can be found in all depths of water. They will always being hanging around some floating in the water

How many triple tail can you keep?

In West Palm Beach you can harvest 2 Tripletail per license holder per day

How do you catch a triple tail?

Toss small shrimp or soft platics up current of the tripletail and allow it to float near them

How big do Tripletail get?

Tripletail can reach sizes of 36 inches with the majority of fish being in the 20-24 inch range

Can you spear Tripletail in Florida?

Tripletail may only be caught using hook and line in West Palm Beach

How do you target a tripletail?

Look for anything that is floating in the water. Your best bet is going to be something that has growth on it indicating it has been in the water for awhile

When can you catch a tripletail?

Tripletail can be caught 365 days a year in West Palm Beach. Summertime is the best time find them

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Top Techniques in West Palm Beach, Fl Tripletail Fishing

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