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West Palm Beach, Fl Wahoo Fishing

What to consider when targetting Wahoo in West Palm Beach

There are a few main things that are extremely important to consider when looking for Wahoo in West Palm Beach. The first is structure, these fish love hanging around structure whether it be a steep ledge along the bottom, a wreck or floating debris. If you can locate something different about the area you are fishing, it should be holding some Wahoo. The next is water movement, which is one of the most essential aspects you must understand to become an effective Wahoo angler. Wahoo are known for holding on the down current side of structure, letting the current bring the baitfish to them. . The third thing to consider when hunting for Wahoo is the season. Wahoo can be caught year around in West Palm Beach, but the peak season is in July and August, especially around the full moons during these months. If you can line up at least two of these prime Wahoo conditions, you will find great Wahoo success in West Palm Beach.

Lures vs Bait for Wahoo Fishing in West Palm Beach

Anglers in West Palm Beach typically fish for Wahoo with a combination of bait and lures. Some anglers prefer to use just lures or just bait for Wahoo, but we believe the best formula is a combination of both. Jet head skirted lures work great on their own because they have good action and the size profile these fish are looking for, but there is not much incentive for them to chase your bait going upwards of 25 MPH. The kicking tail of a baitfish behind your lure not only gives the fish some incentive to track, chase and eat your lure, but it also triggers a better reaction strike from the fish. They see a lure flying throught the water, being chased by another fish so they are triggered into competitive feeding mode, causing an extremely aggressive strike.

How the Moon Phase affects Wahoo Fishing in West Palm Beach

Moon phase is one of the most intregal factors to consider when targetting Wahoo. The reason for this is because around the full and new moon phases, we experience a phenomenon known as "King Tides". During these tides in West Palm Beach, both high and low end swings increase meaning we have much higher and lower tides than usual. Accompanied by this is extreme water movement and flow. During the king tides, the water flows much quicker than average, causing baitfish to be pushed around more, and disorienting them as they are pushed over structures and bottom contour in West Palm Beach. The Wahoo use this to their advantage and stage on the down current side of the structure, waiting for disoriented baitfish to be pushed over the ledge. Keep in mind that these are not the only times you can catch Wahoo, but they certianly are the most productive!

Wahoo fishing Tides and Time of Day in West Palm Beach

Tides are an extemely important factor for targeting Wahoo in West Palm Beach. A good example of this is fishing along a steep ledge. On the incoming tide, the Wahoo will be located on the shallow side of the ledge, waiting to attact disoriented baitfish that are pushed over the wall. However, on the outgoing tide, the fish will be posted up on the deeper side. The Wahoo are more comfortable feeding in slightly deeper water, and there is a lot more bait being pushed around so the outgoing tide will always be better fishing. The best time of day to catch Wahoo is during the low light conditions of the day. Wahoo in West Palm Beach are primarily low light hunters. They have great eye sight and, like Tuna, tend to feed deeper in the column during the day. During low light conditions like first light, last light and on overcast days, the contrast between the baitfish and the surface of the water is increased making it easier for the Wahoo to key in on a baitfish during these times. Many anglers in West Palm Beach get out on the water early to target Wahoo for the short feeding window, then move on to targetting other species once the sun rises up a little higher in the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you catch Wahoo in West Palm Beach?

Wahoo are caught off West Palm Beach in about 90'-300' feet of water. Ledges, bottom contours, floating debris or around structure are all prodcutive areas to find Wahoo in West Palm Beach. Zig Zag trolling patterns are used to cover ground and a variety of different depths where the Wahoo could be feeding.

What is the best Wahoo Lure?

The best Wahoo lure is one that creates a large bubble trail when trolled at high speeds. Wahoo exert a ton of energy swimming in quick bursts of speed to catch up to the baitfish they are attacking. They are known to be the fastest swimming fish in the ocean in short bursts and cannot sustain high speeds for very long. A lure that creates a large, long bubble trail through the water is great for Wahoo because it gives them some incentive to use up so much energy to chase that baitfish or lure. They have a split second to decide if they want to use up their energy to chase that bait or not, so make sure you are using a lure that gives the fish a little extra incentive to strike.

What is the best bait for Wahoo?

Ballyhoo and Bonita strips are the best bait for the Wahoo in West Palm Beach. It is always a good idea to rig your trolling lures intended for Wahoo with bait. Ballyhoo work well because the large profile gives the fish some meat to bite onto and it is a good attractor for some larger fish. Many Captains and Anglers prefer to rig their Wahoo lures with Bonita strips because they are tougher and do not wash out like ballyhoo do. Bonita strips also flutter more in the water when trolled and increase the chances for a reactionary bite.

What water temperature do Wahoo like?

Wahoo prefer water temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees. They are occasianally caught in both colder and warmer water, but this range is where they thrive.

Do Wahoo Jump?

Wahoo are known to occasionally skyrocket out of the water, similar to King Mackerel (Kingfish). It is not common behavior for Wahoo, but they do skyrocket on lures run close to the surface or when attacking baits on the surface.

What is the best moon phase for Wahoo Fishing?

The best moon phase for Wahoo fishing in West Palm Beach is the full moon phase. This phase lasts about 4-6 days and includes a couple days leading up to the moon, the 100% full moon then a few days afterwards as well. The new moon has similar effects on water movement and tidal swings, but the full moon tides really gets the water and bait moving most. The July and August full moon phases tend to be the best moon phases of the year to target Wahoo in West palm Beach

How do you catch bigger wahoo?

The best way to target bigger Wahoo is to fish with bigger baits. Giving the fish more profile, action and meat to bite all increases you chances of catching bigger Wahoo. Another key to catching bigger Wahoo is to fish when its rough out. When the seas get sloppy is really the best time to catch a big Wahoo, especially when looking for that triple digit fish. When its rough the Wahoo tend to hold deeper in the water column so make sure your baits are getting down deep enough to the strike zone, especially when its rough.

What depth is best for Wahoo

Wahoo will position themselves to best ambush disoriented baitfish depending on the tide. Usually, the Wahoo are reported to be biting around a specific depth range. Zig Zagging throughout this depth range can really help cover water and locate where these fish are holding. 90-300 feet is really the hot Wahoo zone off West Palm Beach and anglers can narrow this depth down even more depending on the tide, prevailing conditions and time of day.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in West Palm Beach, Fl Wahoo Fishing

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