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Palm Beach Fishing Report Dec 10, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

What's Biting Offshore - Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

The Sailfish action continues to improve and not just from the big boys out there. Anglers are getting tight while drifting for other species. Live Gogs or Runners on flatlines are getting smashed by hungry Sails up and down the Palm Beach coast. Kites are always going to be your best bet for them. Gaffer Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) are caught daily. Many are being caught while Kite Fishing but they are also smashing trolled spreads from 120’ out to 800’. Make a run out to 800’ and mark anything that looks good along the way. Turn around and do a quick troll of your marks. If you do not get tight, move to the ledge for the remainder of the day. If you happen to find anything floating out there, some serious Tripletail have been caught lately. King Mackerel are still hanging around the ledge and are hitting anything shiny on a planer. Snapper (Mutton) fishing is still strong but there are still some sharks hanging in the same area so shorten your leader so you can winch them up as quickly as possible.

What's Biting Inshore - Sheepshead

This is the last week of Snook season so get your slots while you can. Floating live shrimp around bridges and structure is a good way to get tight. The temp drop will slow these guys so make sure to use a bait or lure that they do not have to quickly chase. Great news if the Sheepshead bite has been on fire lately. Small bait presentations are always going to be the smart move when targeting them. Small crabs, Small Live Shrimp and Barnacles are all great offerings for Sheepshead. Black Drum have also been caught throughout the area and will take the same offerings as the Sheepshead.

What is being caught on the Pier and Surf - Spanish Mackerel

Pompano fishing has had great days and not so great days. They are out there so do not get discouraged if you do not get a bite right away. Put out a Pompano rig and let it soak while you do some Spanish Mackerel fishing. The Macks have been chewing well both on the pier and in the surf. Spanish like fast moving shiny things so get a small spoon or silver jig that has enough weight to cast with some distance. Dig up some sandfleas on the beach the pompano and you may also catch some whiting.

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