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Palm Beach Fishing Report June 7, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

Inshore Fishing Report for Palm Beach

Snook fishing has now returned to catch and release only until September 1st and it seems the bite has picked back up this week. Bridge fishing at night during the outgoing tide has been the best window for catching some Snook lately. Big swimbaits and Flair Hawk Jigs swept slowly along the bottom are a great option for connecting with some larger Snook while a smaller shrimp presentation is a sure bet for some action right now. Some big schools of Jacks have been cruising around the Intracoastal Waterway behind Palm Beach and are willing to strike a fast-moving surface jig, topwater lure or a live mullet right now. Look for them to be feeding along sea walls during low light conditions. Inshore snapper fishing has picked up nicely around the bridges, especially at night.

What's Biting Offshore West Palm Beach

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing reports continue to be all over the place. Reports from this week said the Dolphin were scattered, they were caught anywhere between 250-1500’ of water. Trolling in open water has produced a few of the Dolphin, make sure you are looking for signs of life like current rips, temperature breaks, bait balls and floating debris while searching for the Dolphin. Some guys reported that run and gun was the best was to catch them. Search for floating debris and be ready with live baits, squid or baby orca jigs to bring them up. Blackfin Tuna were prevalent this week and were caught trolling small feathers and daisy chains in 200-300’ of water. There has been a good Kingfish bite from Juno to Jupiter in 200-300’ while drifting with live or dead sardines on a Kingfish rig. Bottom fishing has been a bit spotty this week, in West Palm Beach and Boynyon Beach but solid reports of Yellowtail and Mutton snapper being pulled in.

Fishing Report for Palm Beach Pier and Surf

The Juno Pier along with its surrounding beaches have finally been seeing some great action this week. The Snook fishing has improved daily this week, with Snook finally biting the live baits a lot better. A fresh chunk of Bonita or Mackerel will not last long on the bottom either right now. The Snook have been moving along the beachfronts in good numbers as well this week. Afternoon high tides offer a great opportunity to sight fish some big Snook. A good amount of Kingfish have been coming over the rail at the Pier as well this week. If a Kingfish is what you’re after, make sure to get there first thing in the morning when the pier opens. Fish with either a live bait on a trolley rig or a swimming plug off the end of the pier for the best luck with Kingfish. Bonita and Jacks have also been making some quality appearances at the pier for anglers looking to really get their drags screaming. A nice number of Tarpon have been getting spotted early in the morning on the beaches and at the pier this week too. A paddle tail swimbait presented right in their noses is a great way to get a big Tarpon dancing off the pier this week.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in Palm Beach Fishing Report June 7, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

Top Techniques in Palm Beach Fishing Report June 7, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

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