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Palm Beach Fishing Report June 14, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

Palm Beach Inshore Fishing Report

Catch and release Snook fishing around the bridges and in the Inlets at night has been good. With the water being so dirty, the fishing has been productive on either tide this week. As usual, Flair Hawk jigs and bigger swimbaits have been producing nice Snook on the bridges. Some big schools of angry Jacks have been spotted cruising around the ICW and Mangrove Snapper fishing is in full swing around the bridges and in the inlets right now.

What's Biting Offshore Palm Beach

It has certainly been a challenge to find the Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) this week, but those who did send us fishing reports, got into them pretty well. The key is finding the right depth zone right now. This week, reports came in from anywhere between 200-1300’ of water. Trolling is your best shot at encountering some Dolphin this week to cover some water and find the right zone because it has been changing day by day. Blackfin Tuna have been biting on the troll in 200-300’ of water. Target the Blackfin Tuna early in the morning and late in the afternoon as they have been biting best in low light conditions. Around the 120’ ledge and inside of that has been producing a good number of Kingfish. Snapper fishing remains good from 60-90’ and the best bites are coming on either live or dead sardines along the bottom. Reports of both BIG Yellowtail and BIG Muttons coming over the rails recently.

West Palm Beach Pier-Surf Fishing Report

What is biting right now? Good Spanish Mackerel action continued at the pier this week with a number of fish being reported daily. Kingfish are still being caught over there as well on x-raps and live baits on the trolley rig. Kingfish bites have been coming either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon. The Snook have really made a good showing around the Pier this week, but the big spawning females still do not seem entirely ready to play just yet. Croakers and Whiting are both biting well right in the surf on small pieces of shrimp. Not only do these little guys taste delicious, they are the best summertime Snook bait you can get your hands on! Some Tarpon are still being reported moving north along the beach, but it has been a real challenge fooling one of them recently. They are definitely on the move.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in Palm Beach Fishing Report June 14, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

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