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Palm Beach Fishing Report May 24, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

Palm Beach Inshore Fishing Report for Palm Beach

It is the last few days to put a slot Snook in the cooler so get out there while you still can! Soon, Snook fishing will return to catch and release only, which is still tons of fun. The Snook fishing has not been anything to write home about recently, but some have been reported both from the bridges and from the Inlets this week. They are definitely getting ready to spawn now. Flair Hawk Jigs and big swimbaits are still the top producers for bridge Snook right now. Live baits like sardines, pilchards, croakers and pinfish are all great choices for bait when Snook fishing in the inlets right now. Flair Hawks, Swimbaits and Vudu Shrimp have been working if you are throwing artificial around the inlet. Better reports have come in this week from both Jupiter and Palm Beach inlets for Snook. This time of year is notoriously slow for inshore fishing so its nice to see a few good sized Snook chewing inshore. Best times of the day to target them right now is going to be at night for the outgoing time, and for the sunrise and sunset regardless of what the tide may be doing during those times.

What's Biting Offshore Palm Beach

The Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing reports this week have really been good in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Boynton Beach. They have been scattered about so no real depth zone this week but starting around the 120’ ledge and working out deeper is a good option for running into some Dolphin. Trolling is the best way to get tight right now because you can cover a lot of water and run a variety of different lures/baits. This way you are accomplishing two things at once, finding the fish and figuring out what they want to eat. Once you find a school, troll around the same area while leaving one Dolphin in the water behind the boat. This will keep them coming! The Kingfish action has slowed just a bit this week, with most of the fish being caught now coming from down south around Boynton Beach. There are still a good number of Kings scattered up and down the 120’ ledge and a decent number of Blackfin Tuna have been reported around the ledge this week as well. The Bonita have been coming in too, but not still in big numbers yet. Wahoo fishing seemed to slow down a bit this week, but a few were reported from right around the 120’ ledge in the past couple days.

West Palm Beach Pier-Surf Fishing Report

The thick matts of seaweed in the surf has made it difficult for fishing this week, but some decent reports still made their way in. What is biting right now? Snook have been showing up on the beaches this week little by little and they have been biting here and there at the Juno Pier, but little consistency as of lately. The fish are in the process of transitioning into their summer spawning habits and they are a bit hesitant to feed. A lot of small Pompano in the surf right now, but a handful of keepers have been reported this week, which is keeping a lot of the surf and pier guys happy. The Whiting and Croakers have been biting fresh and frozen shrimp right past the waves in close. A few schools of big Jacks were seen around the pier this week as well as a few more schools of tarpon spotted cruising on the beaches heading north. Low light conditions remain the best time for fishing right now.

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