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Palm Beach Fishing Report Nov 13, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

What's Biting Inshore in Palm Beach - Tarpon and Snook

This weeks weather forecast is looking promising for the inshore anglers in West Palm Beach. With the winds switching back to North East where they will stay for the greater part of the week, expect the fish to be chewing good. Some scattered showers and thunderstorms are forecasted throughout the week, but that should only help the bite even more. Snook, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Pompano and Snapper all go crazy for this kind of weather. Perfect tides this week for inshore anglers in West Palm Beach as well this week. High and Low tide will be falling right around sunrise and sunset while slack low will occur around midnight and mid-day this week. Expect to experience some great bite windows around these times this week. We are also right around the new moon phase so expect to see the king tides in full effect while out fishing this week, its always best to be fishing right around that new moon phase so this week is really looking to be a good one. Snook and Tarpon have been feeding well on the last of the mullet on the bridges. The best action reported has been during the outgoing tide around the bridges. Flair hawks, large swimbaits, and shrimp tail jigs have all been productive lures on the bridges recently. A few big muttons were reported in between the wind from the Blue Heron Bridge and in Phil Foster Park too. Look for them to be taking sardines, pilchards and cut mullet for bait this week.  

What's Biting Offshore Palm Beach - Tuna (Blackfin)

Time to fill the cooler with meat this weekend. The bite is going to be on. Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) are all over but are concentrated around the 400’-600’ mark. Look for rips or debris. If you find a rip, get your lines out and start trolling it. Have those pitch rods when the schools come up to the boat as they are running in decent sized groups. Tuna (Blackfin) are mixed in with the Mahi so make sure to have a small feather wayyyy back in your spread. The tidal coefficient is RIPPING this weekend and the Wahoo are going to be chewing. The tides are incoming in the mornings so work the shallower side of your usual Wahoo trolling pattern in depth around 90’-200’ focusing more on the top of the ledge as the bait will be pushing up against it. Cobia are still chewing well in the 60’-80’ range and a jig is the best way to get tight on them. Snapper (Mutton) are also biting and some big ones have been coming over the side. Look at depths between 150’-200’ for the bigger ones. Just make sure to keep a flat line out when you are drifting as Mahi are being spotted in close as well. Finally, Saturday is just enough wind to keep the kites up easily but not too windy that only the big boats can go out. If you have a small boat, get a couple kite lines out and you will most likely get tight on a Sailfish, Mahi or Tuna.

West Palm Beach Pier-Surf Fishing Report - Pompano

Surf fishing is looking to be good this week in West Palm Beach. It has finally calmed down in the last few days as the wind switched around. Although it is changing back to North East, the storm has passed, and it should be blowing just enough to churn the waves perfectly for surf fishing this week. Great tides for the surf this week as well with highs falling right around sunrise and sunset. Look for the Pompano to be thick in the surf this week. Lots of shorties around right now but you can pick through a few of them and get your keepers in the mix. Some really large Pompano were reported from the piers last week and this week’s surf forecast looks to be prime time for them. Blacktip, Spinner, Bull and Hammerhead Sharks should be showing themselves this weekend as well with all the Bluefish and small Jack Crevalle around in the surf. The inlet has been productive for Snook and Snapper this week with a few Tarpon and Bluefish reported as well. Look for the Snook and the Muttons to be chewing best in the inlet. Sweep swimbaits or flair hawk jigs along the bottom for the Snook. You may even get lucky and hook a few Tarpon this way. Long fluorocarbon leaders with a small hook and cut bait has been working well for Muttons in the inlet with both numbers and sizeable fish reported last week. The tide, wind and moon forecast all look like they will align this week which should result in some prime-time action.  

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