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Palm Beach Fishing Report Nov 28, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

What's Biting Offshore Palm Beach - Snapper (Mutton) and Wahoo

The fishing has been on fire the lately and it should continue through the holiday weekend. Wahoo are the star of the show right now as the bigger ones are being caught almost daily. High Speed Trolling is producing early in the morning or at sunset, but the big ones are coming from trolling large ballyhoo with a large Ilander on either a planer or trolling weight. The Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) bite has been red hot and the great part is that they are in close. Gaffer Mahi are being caught from 90’-300’ and are taking all sorts of offerings. Pull a mixed spread of lures and ballyhoo or setup in about 200’ and live bait for them. If you are live baiting, there is also a good chance you will hook up with some decent Tuna (Blackfin). If you are a kite fisherman, this is the perfect weekend to dust off your setup and get tight. Sharpen up your filet knife because you are going to need it if you are bottom fishing this weekend. The bite has been red hot and everything is chewing right now. Snapper (Yellowtail) are all over the shallow reefs in 40’-70’ and there are plenty of flags in the mix. Rainbow Runners are mixed in with the Yellowtail so do no scale down your tackle as dramatically as you usually would. Small jig heads tipped with ballyhoo chunks or a fish finder rig with half a small sardine are getting the bites. Snapper (Mutton) are out deeper in 150’-200’ and are hitting double hook whole sardines on long fish finder rigs or medium size jigs. African Pompano are also out there and coming up regularly. Put a goggle eye on a knocker rig and send it down near any structure that is deeper than 150’.

What's Biting Inshore in Palm Beach - Snook

High tides will be falling right around sunrise and sunset this week with lows coming around mid-day and midnight. Favorable NE winds are forecasted all week, meaning chillier nights and a good bite. Inshore fishing has been great all week and is expected to get even better as temperatures drop and the wind lays out a bit over the next couple of days. Snook have been biting very well on the bridges in West Palm Beach. Make sure you have a few different variations of shrimp-like lures with you. The fish have been feeding mostly on the shrimp but feeding in different ways depending on the wind conditions, tide and area you are fishing. Try covering different sections of the water column to dial in on how the Snook are feeding at that time and don’t be afraid to switch it up. Slow sweeping shrimp tail jigs near the bottom and drifting weightless shrimp just under the surface have both been working well depending on the conditions. The boat docks and sea walls have had some solid Jack Crevalle action with a few big Snook in the mix as well. Get out there first thing in the morning and fish a large live mullet or large topwater lure to make a lot of commotion on the surface. Snapper (Mangrove) and Snapper (Mutton) have been biting extremely well inshore with some really nice fish reported from around the Blue Heron Bridge. Get out there on the outgoing tide with fresh or frozen live or dead bait with a 1 oz sliding egg sinker rig. Make sure you are getting your bait in the bottom structure for the best success.

West Palm Beach Pier-Surf Fishing Report - Pompano and Spanish Mackerel

Surf and Pier fishing has been tough with the strong winds and dirty water, but the conditions are looking like they will begin stabilizing for most of the week which will lay out the surf a bit and present some great fishing opportunities. The reports we are seeing have been only fair at best, but this week should really bring some much better fishing. Pompano and Spanish Mackerel have been the big talk of the surf and pier recently. Mostly smaller Pompano being reported right now, but definitely some keepers in the mix. The Pompano bite should certainly be increasing rapidly this week with lighter the NE winds persisting for most of the week. It’s about time for the Spanish Mackerel to start biting really well in the surf too. We have seen a few around recently but are still waiting for that big push of fish to come through. Both the Pompano and Spanish Mackerel fishing will only be getting better and better from here. Blacktip, Spinner and Hammerhead sharks have all been prevalent along the surf in West Palm Beach recently as well. Anglers fishing for them have been reporting that a fresh chunked bait will get picked up quick right now if you can get it out there. This week looks like a good bet to get out there and hook some beasts off the beach!

Most Popular Types of Fishing in Palm Beach Fishing Report Nov 28, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

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