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Palm Beach Fishing Report Nov 6, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

What's Biting Inshore in Palm Beach - Snook

It looks like another week of foul weather for the inshore anglers in West Palm Beach. This weekend will consist of more hard East winds with scattered thunderstorms. By Tuesday, the wind will switch to South East, which it looks like it will be blowing for the remainder of the week. Get out now while you can. The inshore bite has been on fire during these hard-East winds we have been having, and it is predicted to continue until the wind switches. The South East blow could very likely shut down the good bite anglers have been experiencing around West Palm Beach lately. The good news is that we have very favorable tides for inshore fishing this week. Low tides will be falling right around sunrise and sunset while high tides will be right around mid-day and midnight, with moonrise happening around 9:30 pm and moonset around 11 am. These will all be great times to find a good bite window while fishing this week. We are approaching the third quarter moon with the new moon approaching next week, current flow should not be too strong this week. Snook fishing has been on fire recently and the action should persist as the mullet run fades away and the shrimp flush really begins. The last of the mullet are trickling through and the fish are taking advantage of one of their favorite meals before they are all gone. Some of the Snook have already begun hitting on shrimp pretty good.

What's Biting Offshore Palm Beach - Mahi Mahi

Very few anglers made it out the past week and the fish are hungry. The few small weather windows kept anglers close to shore but the bite was still hot. Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) were all over from 30' to 500'. Trolling was a tough game but the reward was worth it. There were also a few sailfish mixed in along the ledge. This weekend is another windy one but there looks to be a few windows that you can sneak out and put some meat in the boat. Stick to weighted lure and baits that can handle the chop out there and do not be afraid to troll at slower than usual. The mixed seas will add to your lure/baits action. Stay close in to shore in case you have to make a run for the inlet as the weather can change fast with storms around.

West Palm Beach Pier-Surf Fishing Report - Tarpon

Anglers fishing the bridges in West Palm Beach reported better bites on shrimp than the mullet last week, so make sure you have some shrimp tails or live shrimp to accompany your arsenal while bridge fishing this week. There has been a variety of different sized baitfish stacked up in the Lake Worth Inlet so a variety of different sized presentations have been working, just make sure you are presenting your lures close to the bottom to get bit by a Snook. Some Tarpon, Jack Crevalle and Bluefish have been mixed in with the Snook, especially closer to the inlet. These fish feed closer to the surface, and as long as the swell in the Inlet and along the beach persists throughout the week the bite should continue. Hopefully, we will see a better push of Spanish Mackerel in West Palm Beach this week. The conditions are right, but we have not had any real solid reports of them yet. With the first cold fronts of the year finally coming through, it wont be long before some Sheepshead, Black Drum and Redfish show up in our local water. This week is looking like a great time to get out and do some scouting for these guys taking up their winter habitats on the bridge pilings, boat docks and other structures with lots of growth for them to feed on.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in Palm Beach Fishing Report Nov 6, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

Top Techniques in Palm Beach Fishing Report Nov 6, 2020 | Fishing Forecast

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