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Palm Beach Fishing Report Oct 6, 2019 | Fishing Forecast

Inshore Fishing Report for Palm Beach

Fishing has been hot this week with all the Mullet around inshore. Nighttime, sunrise and sunset is when the fish have been most actively feeding, with the best time to target Snook right now being at night. What is biting inshore in Jupiter, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach? The Snook have been set up in ambush locations where they can let the tide do the work by bringing the Mullet right to them. The Snook will lay along the bottom with their noses facing the current and use bridge pilings, sea walls, jetties and land points as hiding spots where they can take cover and eat the flow of baitfish flowing right over their heads. The key to catching them is a presentation that flows naturally down current. Pitch your lure or baitfish up current and let it flow back to where the fish are. Try and match the speed of your lure to the speed of the current for the most natural presentation possible.

What's Biting Offshore West Palm Beach

The weather really made it tough for guys to get out this week, however, the guys who did found great numbers of Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing reports are scattered throughout 200-900’. The Dolphin were spread out and the structure has not been holding them well, so trolling is the best shot to cover a lot of water and find some fish. There have been quite a few quality Sailfish reports coming in. The Sailfish guys are anticipating that this bite picks up even more as the north wind increases and should be really kicking off soon. In shallower, the Kingfish, Cobia and a few Wahoo have been biting on the 120’ ledge from Jupiter down to Palm Beach Inlet and the Snapper bite has been great in 90’ of water on dead sardines.

Fishing Report for Palm Beach Pier and Surf

The surf fishermen had a great week of fishing along the beaches and on the piers catching Snook, Tarpon, Bluefish, Pompano, and Blacktip/Spinner Sharks. There have been plenty of sharks in the surf and guys are catching them on fresh cut bait. There are still some Tarpon rolling up and down the beaches too, look for them to be in the Mullet schools. The Pompano are being caught in the surf zone on the Juno Pier and on the surrounding beaches on Goofy Jigs as well as bait like sand fleas and FishBites. The Bluefish have been all over the surf and piers eating topwater lures, spoons, jigs and anything else flashy that moves quickly through the water.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in Palm Beach Fishing Report Oct 6, 2019 | Fishing Forecast

Top Techniques in Palm Beach Fishing Report Oct 6, 2019 | Fishing Forecast

Fun Facts about Palm Beach Fishing Report Oct 6, 2019 | Fishing Forecast by Species

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