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Palm Beach Fishing Report Sept 8, 2019 | Fishing Forecast

Palm Beach Inshore Fishing Report for Palm Beach

Snapper fishing has been fantastic this week following the storm. Frozen shrimp on a Carolina rig is a great way to catch snapper inshore right now. Following a big storm is also a great opportunity to catch a grouper while inshore fishing. With giant mullet schools finally around, snook, tarpon and jacks have all been fired up, actively feeding in and around the schools of mullet. You want to be fishing around the outside edges of the mullet schools because it is difficult for the fish to key in on your lure or baitfish when it is surrounded by a cloud of other fish. This is a great time to fish swimming plugs, big swimbaits and live mullet around the active mullet schools.

What's Biting Offshore West Palm Beach

Due to the weather conditions, not many boats were able to get offshore this week, so Jupiter, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach fishing reports have been scattered, but all are reporting the same thing… quality fishing! It has been difficult to find good, clean water so keep pushing out deeper if you do not find it right away. There has been a lot of floating debris out there left over from the storm. Trolling small jet head feathers, skirted lures, dusters and Ilanders tipped with ballyhoo are a great shot for finding schools of dolphin. Chumming around floating debris and fishing with live baits is a great way to catch some of the bigger bull dolphin that are hunting around the debris. Anglers have been catching some sailfish and wahoo mixed right in with the dolphin so make sure you have some wire on your deep line. If you can find clean water around 500-800’, you should have good luck finding the wahoo and sails.

Fishing Report for Palm Beach Pier and Surf

As the mullet show up more and more on the beaches so do the predatory fish. Snook, tarpon, jacks, sharks, Spanish mackerel and bluefish have all been devouring schools of mullet along the beach. The fishing was a bit tough earlier in the week due to the dirty water left over from the storm but picked up quickly as it cleaned. This is the best time to fish the mullet schools along the beach because when they first show up, they are being fed on mostly by snook and tarpon. As the run progresses, more and more bluefish show up in the schools making it difficult for anglers to get their lures past them. Fish in low light conditions to spot the schools better and encounter the fish at the peak of their feed and when they are most willing to hit a swimming plug.

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