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Palm Beach Fishing Report Sept 15, 2019 | Fishing Forecast

Palm Beach Inshore Fishing Report for Palm Beach

The mullet run was in full swing this week on the inshore fishing grounds with Tarpon, Snook, Jacks and a Redfish or two regularly being caught. The best times to target these fish feeding on the mullet schools is early in the morning, late afternoon and at night. Anglers using swimming plugs, walk-the-dog style topwater lures, big swimbaits and live mullet are all getting tight right now on some amazing fish. Bridges, piers and beaches are all great locations to get in on the Mullet run. When on a Mullet school, fish your lures around the outside edges and underneath the schools to get the most bites. The Mullet like to school up tight, so swimming a lure right through the middle of them is not an ideal presentation. The predator fish feed on injured baitfish around the outsides of the bait school and it is much easier for them to key in on your lure or baitfish when it is not surrounded by lively Mullet.

What's Biting Offshore Palm Beach

Fishing has been a bit slower this week mainly due to the poor weather and water conditions. Bottom fishing has been especially tough this week because of a cold layer of water along the bottom combined with churned up, dirty water in shallow. If you are looking to bottom fish in the next few days, head south of the Palm Beach Inlet to find some better water. Some smaller Kingfish have been biting around the edges of the green water with a few big ones scattered throughout. Look for color changes in the water where the green meets the blue to get in on the Kingfish action. Anglers running to deep water have been finding Dolphin in 1000-1200,’ make sure you are finding clean water out there before you start fishing to maximize your chance of success.

West Palm Beach Pier-Surf Fishing Report

With the water being so dirty along the surf trough this week, fishing has been tough but plenty of guys are still managing nice catches. Local anglers have been reporting Snook biting well in some of the smaller Mullet pods and big Tarpon rolling through the big pods. It has been challenging for surf fishermen to consistently hook into these fish due to the changing conditions but as the weather begins to steady and the water cleans up, day to day action will increase. A few Redfish have been biting at the Juno Pier, along the surrounding beaches and in the inlets as well. There are not a whole lot of them, but this time of year it is not uncommon to encounter a few nice reds while Snook fishing.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in Palm Beach Fishing Report Sept 15, 2019 | Fishing Forecast

Fun Facts about Palm Beach Fishing Report Sept 15, 2019 | Fishing Forecast by Species

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