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West Palm Beach, Fl Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing in West Palm Beach

Bottom Fishing is a great and easy way to get some fantastic table fare in West Palm Beach. There are some great benefits to bottom fishing. First off you use a lot less fuel than trolling or running and gunning for fish. You only need a few good rod and reel setups to get tight while bottom fishing in West Palm Beach. The bait rigs you will use are also inexpensive and will not break the bank if you lose a few of them. Bottom fishing is also very relaxing, you can put on the music sit back and wait for the bite. The other great thing about Bottom Fishing in West Palm Beach is that it is great for novice and experienced anglers. If you have friends and family that may not be used to fishing, this would be a perfect way to get them on some fish.

What tackle do I need to be successful Bottom Fishing in West Palm Beach?

The most important part of your bottom fishing tackle in West Palm Beach is going to be your Rod and Reel. For your reel you are going to want one that is lightweight, has a star drag and is designed for braided line. The star drag is important as it allows you to quickly put the reel in free spool and get your bait down. Once you bait is at the desired depth, all you must do is flip the spool release back and your reel is right back to your preset drag. Star drags also allow you to make small drag adjustments when fighting a fish. There are 2 parts of the rod that will make a huge difference when bottom fishing in West Palm Beach. The weight rating of the blank needs to be at least a medium heavy as this is the lever point of the rod that will help you turn the fishes head and help you bring it up to the boat. Then you will want a tip action of fast to medium fast as this will allow you to feel the bite best while not being overpowered by the weight of your rig. Your rig can vary when bottom fishing in West Palm Beach, but you should start with a high low rig and use as little weight as possible to hold bottom.

Rigs for Bottom Fishing in West Palm Beach

There are several different rigs that you can use when bottom fishing in West Palm Beach. The most popular rig anglers use is called the High Low rig. This rig consist of a weight at the end of your line with 2 branches above the weight with hooks on them allowing you to fish "low" to the bottom and "high" above the bottom doubling your chance at catching fish. For snappers in West Palm Beach anglers use a fish finder rig that has a large bank sinker followed by 30'-50' of leader behind it with a circle hook. This is by far the best presentation you can put out as even the noise from the weight bouncing on the bottom is reduced. Lastly, an easy to use rig in West Palm Beach for bottom fishing is the knocker rig. This rig has an egg sinker that sits directly on top of the hook. This rig is nice as it will not tangle like other rigs and can be made "on the fly" when you need to get a bait deep in West Palm Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3 way rig?

A 3 way rig consist of a 3 way swivel where the main line is tied to one eye, the weight is tied to another eye and the leader with hook is tied to the third eye. This setup helps reduce tangle while also creating a better presentation of your bait.

What is the best bottom fishing rod?

The best bottom fishing rod is the Shimano Trevala as it is designed for bottom fishing

What is the best bottom fishing reel?

The best reel for bottom fishing is the Shimano Torium that is designed to bottom fish with a star drag, good line capacity and is lightweight

How do you rig for bottom fishing?

Use either a High Low rig, a Fish Finder rig or a Knocker Rig

Should I use braid for bottom fishing?

Absolutely you should use braid for bottom fishing. Since you have a good amount of line out, you will get scope in your line reducing the direct contact you have with the hook. Braid is thin and has zero stretch and you will be able to feel the bite better

What type of leader should I use for bottom fishing in West Palm Beach?

Fluocarbon leader is the best choice for bottom fishing anglers in West Palm Beach

How much weight do I need for bottom fishing?

This really depends on the speed of the current. Any array of weights from 2oz-8oz is recommended for bottom fishing

How do you fish the bottom?

Bottom fishing is one of the easier types of fishing technniques. All you need is a weight, a hook and some bait. Allow your weight to reach the bottom of the ocean and then give it half a reel up and you are bottom fishing!

Top Techniques in West Palm Beach, Fl Bottom Fishing

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