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West Palm Beach, Fl Drift Fishing

Drift Fishing in West Palm Beach

Drift Fishing is the most popular type of fishing in West Palm Beach. Anglers for the most part drift along our ledge that goes from 90’ to 150’ sharply. This ledge provides a habitat for all types of fish to live, congregate and feed from. The current in West Palm Beach runs from south to north and makes it easy to just drift along the ledge only having to make small adjustments from wind and tide. Drift Fishing is also a great way to catch some of the best eating fish in West Palm Beach while relaxing waiting for the bite. Drift fishing is not exclusively bottom fishing, anglers will keep a line on top of the water or use a kite if the wind is favorable for it. Pelagics regularly cruise around the ledge for an easy meal.

Setup for Drift Fishing in West Palm Beach

There are a few different setups that you will want for drift fishing in West Palm Beach as you will be employing several different fishing techniques. First you are going to want your bottom setup that should be a star drag reel with a rod that has enough action (Fast Action) to handle heavy weights but still being able to see the bite. Then you will want a setup that will be used around mid water column and while there will be weight on the line, you want your rod to be Medium Heavy paired with a 20-30 class reeel that can handle larger pelagics fish. This setup can also be used for you flatlines that you always want to have out when drift fishing in West Palm Beach. Finally you want to have a couple setups that can be used for your kite lines like a Shimano BFC with a Terez Heavy Conventional Rod. Putting out this spread while Drift Fishing in West Palm Beach will maximize your chance to get tight and you will also have a chance at catching most targeting species offshore.

Where to go drift fishing in West Palm Beach

Deciding where to go drift fishing in West Palm Beach really depends on the latest reports in your area and the target species you are wanting to catch that day. There are times that the info is thin or conflicting and it may make it difficult to create a plan for drift fishing. When this happens, your best bet is to start in about 120' and get a feel for how the fish are or aren't biting in West Palm Beach. If the wind and tides are pushing you out deeper, make a few drifts from 120' out to 250'. Do this a few times and note and bites you are getting. If you notice that you are gettin bites around 200' regardless of where in the water column it is, you know that is the sweet spot for that particular day in West Palm Beach. Many anglers fish with the mentality that deeper is better but that is far from the truth especially when drift fihing in West Palm Beach. Many times you will be drifting along the top of the ledge in 80'-100'. The key is always to be prepared to mvoe based on where you are finding the most bites that day.

Local Tips for Drift Fishing in West Palm Beach

To maximize your chances at catching multiple species, you need to plan ahead before you begin your drift fishing trip in West Palm Beach. Begin by planning a drift route. The current runs south to north in West Palm Beach and at times can move briskly, you will want to begin your drift south of your inlet to minimize your run back at the end of the day. There are 3 key setups you will need to have as you will be targeting 3 different zones of the water column West Palm Beach. A good bottom drift fishing setup that consist of a star drag reel, like a Shimano Torium, matched with a medium heavy rod, like a Shimano Grappler. You will be holding the bottom drift fishing setup mostly and want a lightweight setup to reduce fatigue. Then you will need a setup that can handle big powerful initial runs. This setup will be used to keep a bait about halfway through the water column and you will want a piece of single strand wire on it as King Mackerel and Wahoo cruise this area. Finally, you are going to want a setup for your bait on top in West Palm Beach. This rod need to have a fast or less action tip as this will help you should a Sailfish or Mahi take your bait as they are aerobatic and the extra flex in the tip will reduce the chance of them throwing the hook when jumping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rig for drift fishing?

For drifting the bottom use a high low rig. For mid colmun use a fish finder rig. For the flatlines just a hook through the bait with no weight.

What depth should I drift fish in West Palm Beach?

Start in 120' of water. Drifting between 90' and 200' is always a good bet to get tight

What is the Best rod for drift fishing in West Palm Beach?

The best rod for drifting on the bottom use a Shimano Trevala. The best rod for drifting Mid Column, flatlines and kite lines, use a Shimano Terez Conventional

What is the Best reel for drift fishing in West Palm Beach?

The best reel for drifting the bottom is a Shimano Torium. The best reel for mid column and flatlines is a Shimano Talica. The best reel for kite lines is the Shimano Talica BFC

What line should I use drift fishing?

The best line to use while drift fishing is braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. The best line for kites is monofilament

Wait bait should I use drift fishing?

The best bait for drift fishing is live bait but any of the other standard baits will work well like squid, sardines and ballyhoo

What size hook should I use drift fishing?

You should be using different hooks depending on what you are fishing for but a good all around size is a 6/0 circle hook

What weight should I use Drift Fishing?

The best weight to use while drift fishing is a bank sinker and the amount of weight varies depending on conditions but 3-6 ounces is a good range to have with you

Top Techniques in West Palm Beach, Fl Drift Fishing

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