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West Palm Beach, Fl Jigging

Jigging in West Palm Beach

If you are the type of angler that enjoys actively working lures and having your fingertips on the rod when a big bite comes then Jigging in West Palm Beach is for you. There are many types of jigging styles anglers employ. Anglers bottom fishing in West Palm Beach like to use a jig that flat falls or flutters on the bottom. If you are looking for a reactionary bite and the fish could be anywhere within the water column then you will be using a speed jig. When the fish are working baits on the surface then you will be jigging with a jig that can be effective when worked horizontally. Whichever jig type you are using or type of jigging, you want to make sure that your rod and reel setup are the correct action so that your jig has the best presentation possible.

What are the different types of Jigging in West Palm Beach?

While there are all types of jigging, there are 4 main styles of jigging that are used by anglers in West Palm Beach. Bottom jigging is the most popular and by far the easiest type. Bottom jigging uses a butterfly style jig and is bounced along the bottom as you drift. Speed jigging is the next in popularity. For speed jigging in West Palm Beach, you are using along jig and pulling it through the water column as fast as possible to get a reactionary bite. Then there is horizontal jigging which is using jig that you can work just under the waters surface. Finally, the newest type, which is also gaining in popularity, is slow pitch jigging. Slow pitch jigging uses specialized rods, reels and jigs that allow you to fish at great depths in West Palm Beach while reducing fatigue as the rod does all the work for you.

What Type of Jigging Should I be Doing for my Target Species?

Choosing the correct jigging type in West Palm Beach depends on where your target species hunts for food in the water column and the depth it is usually found. If you want to target Snapper (Mutton), which are mainly in 80’-150’ and hang around the bottom in West Palm Beach, so using a butterfly style bottom jig is best as your are constantly working the feeding and living zone. If you are hunting for tuna and kings in West Palm Beach, then you want to work the whole water column and use a speed jig to get a reactionary bite from the pelagics. When hunting for grouper and tilefish you want to use a slow pitch jigging setup. When you come across a school of Mahi then you want to use a sub-surface jig.

Slow Pitch Jigging Explained

Slow Pitch Jigging is using ultra-light rods and reels to present jigs in deep water in West Palm Beach. Since you will be actively working jigs and retrieving them from great depths, using larger and heavier setups will quickly fatigue the angler. Slow Pitch Jigging relies on the jig and action of the rod to create the movement of the jig. The jig mimics an injured baitfish fleeing from and then falling again. This triggers a reactionary bite of predator fish looking for an easy meal. Unlike traditional fishing setups, you are not fully utilizing the rod as a lever to bring the fish up. Instead, you are pointing the rod tip towards the fish and using the reel as a winch to bring the fish up to the surface in West Palm Beach. This style allows anglers to land large fish from great depths with minimal fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you slow pitch jigging?

First you will need the correct setup which is a rod and reel specifically designed for Slow Pitch Jigging. Next you will need the appropriate SPJ jigs depending on the depth and species you are targeting. Toss your jig slightly up current and allow it to fall to the bottom. Then life your rod tip high up and then back down to allow the jig to fall back to the bottom. Repeat this until you have scoped out too much line, rinse and repeat

What is the best reel for jigging?

The best reel on the market for standard Jigging is the Shimano Torium The best reel on the marktet for speed jigging is the Shimano Stella SW The best reel on the market for Slow Pitch Jiggin is the Shimano Ocea Jigger

How does jigging work?

Jigging is using metal jigs that move through the water in different patterns depending on the typr of jig. The jig is mimicing an injured baitfish. You move the rod up and down to create action in the jig.

What is vertical jigging?

Vertical jigging is using long thin jig and rapidly reteiving them through the water column as fast as possible. This type of jigging is intended to create a reactionary bite from large pelagic fish.

Can you use a jigging rod for bottom fishing?

You really want to have separate rods for different styles of fishing. However, in a pinch, you can use your jigging rod for bottom fishing

What is a jigging rod?

A jigging rod is made so that the rod helps impart action to the jig

What is the difference between casting and jigging?

Casting is the act of tossing a lure with your rod and reel and then retreving it usually on or just below the surface. Jigging is using metal jigs and sending them straight down to the bottom and then either bouncing them off the bottom or retreiving back through the water column.

How do you do vertical jigging?

Send your jig straight to to the bottom. After it hits bottom jig the lure back to the surface without stopping it.

Top Techniques in West Palm Beach, Fl Jigging

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