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West Palm Beach, Fl Kite Fishing

Kite Fishing in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is the world capital for Kite Fishing. The West Palm Beach area is considered to be mainly a live bait fishery, meaning that most trophy fish are taken while using live bait. Kite fishing is only done with live baits. You will fly a specialized kite that has 2-3 release clips (similar to what is on an outrigger) on it from a short kite rod with an electric reel. Your actual fishing lines with hang from each of these release clips. When a fish gets tight, your line will release from the clips and you can fight the fish. One of the less talked about benefits of Kite Fishing in West Palm Beach is that you do not have to clear all of your lines when a fish is on as your lines are up in the air.

What tackle do I need to go Kite Fishing in West Palm Beach?

There are several tackle needs you will want to have before going kite fishing in West Palm Beach. First and most obvious, you will need a fishing Kite. You will want 3 different kites, one for low wind, one for high wind and one all purpose kites. Then you will need a way to bring the kite in and out as you change lines or move. While you can hand crank a kite in, it is not recommended, and you will fatigue quickly doing it this way. You want to have a short kite fishing rod and an electric reel. Then you will want a kite rigging kit in West Palm Beach that includes all the rings, needles, hooks, markers, helium balloons etc. that are necessary for a successful day of kite fishing. Finally, you need to have a reel that can pick up line quickly and has a low drag setting, like a Shimano Talica BFC (designed specifically for Kite Fishing).

Angler Advisor Tips for Kite Fishing in West Palm Beach

Kite Fishing in West Palm Beach is on of the most visually exciting types of fishing, but you have to be prepared to be successful. You will be actively working the rods as your bait will be moving up and down with the kite as the wind fluctuates. Using a trident style rod holder that fits into a single rod holder on your boat is a game changer when kite fishing in West Palm Beach. This allows you to have your both of your rods and your kite line at your fingertips so that you can instantly make changes to any part of your entire kite fishing setup. You want to keep your bait as close to the surface as possible without allowing the bait to come out of the water. Allowing your bait to fly out of the water repeatedly or often can stress the bait.

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Top Techniques in West Palm Beach, Fl Kite Fishing

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