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West Palm Beach, Fl Light Tackle Fishing

Light Tackle Fishing in West Palm Beach

If you are one of those anglers that really enjoys the fight when fishing, then light tackle fishing is for you in West Palm Beach. Before you go buy a light tackle setup and go chasing the big fish you can, you want to make sure that the setup that you have is matched to your target species. For example, you do not want to go out with a light tackle setup and pitch baits at 200lb tarpon as you will be completely under geared and will get smoked by that tarpon in West Palm Beach. Where light tackle really shines is when you are targeting smaller species like trout, snapper, Spanish mackerel and redfish. There are times where light tackle can come into play just for the fun of it, like pitching to summer schooling Dolphin (Mahi Mahi).

What is considered light tackle in West Palm Beach?

Light tackle fishing in West Palm Beach is different than other areas as the local fish population we have here are large. When it comes to reel size, light tackle is going to be the 5000 size and down. Once you cross over to 6000 and up, most reels weight, drag and size greatly increase. For line whether that be braid or mono 25lb and less will be considered light tackle in West Palm Beach. Some anglers may use 30lb braid on their light tackle setup if they need a bit more abrasion resistance. Rods are going to Medium in weight size and fast or lower action at the tip. The lighter blank and tip allow light tackle anglers to throw light lures farther and with more accuracy in West Palm Beach.

What type of lures will I be using light tackle fishing in West Palm Beach?

When fishing in West Palm Beach, it is not as much about the type of lure that is considered light tackle, it is about the weight of the lure. The reason you are using these lighter lures is that they have the best presentation to the fish. Unlike many lures that you are just reeling in, many light tackle lures are going to be finessed to create the optimal action in West Palm Beach. Vudu Shrimp is a great example of this type of lure. They are extremely light and you are mimicking a shrimp floating along in the current using small twitches of your rod to impart action to it. Some of the most popular light tackle lures are Vudu Shrimp, Dartspin Lures, small spoons or jigs, soft plastics with weighted hooks and small top water plugs.

Why does light tackle fishing work so well?

Light tackle fishing is one of the most productive ways to get more bites while out fishing. Some anglers in West Palm Beach tend to shy away from light tackle fishing because they are worried about losing a big fish, but in reality, you will have so many more chances at catching that big fish. Lighter line and lighter lures are a great way to trick fish into biting. Fish with light drag and let the fish run as far as it wants. Eventurally the fish will tire out and come in easily. You will have to fight it longer to tire it out and you will break off a lot of fish but you will also get a lot more bites, which just means more opportunity. If you are not fishing near heavy structure then light tackle is always the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lure for light tackle fishing in West Palm Beach?

The best lure for light tackle fishing is something that dirfts naturally with the current with no extra weight. D.O.A. Shrimp or HyperPlastics Dart Spin lures work great for light tackle fishing in West Palm Beach

Where can I light tackle fish in west palm beach?

You can light tackle fish anywhere you are not pulling big fish out of heavy structure in West Palm Beach. Just about every fishing location has a good application for light tackle.

What species should I target with light tackle?

Moonfish and Snook are an absolute blast for anglers to target on light tackle in West Palm Beach.

Can you catch a fish bigger than 10 pounds on 10 pound line?

Absolutely! This is why it is important to use a fishing reel with good drag. Let the fish run and run until it finally tires and and begin finesseing it towards you. You will be amazed by how big of fish you can land on 10 pound line.

Can I light tackle fish with live bait?

You can light tackle fish with live bait. The best way to do so is either free lined with no weight, or by using a small split-shot or pinch weight at least 12" from the hook.

Why go light tackle fishing?

Not only is light tackle fishing a ton of fun in West Palm Beach, sometimes it is the only way to fool the fish! The lighter tackle you use, the more bites you will get. It is also an enjoyable challenge for anglers to catch nice fish on light tackle.

Do I need to match up my rod, reel, line and lure for light tackle fishing?

The most important thing to keep in mind while light tackle fishing is that you must match up your rod, reel, line and lure. Everything must balance and work perfectly together for this technique to truly be effective. When all of your light tackle gear matches up, you will have a much better feeling which is necessary for being successful with this technique.

Do I need leader for light tackle fishing?

Yes. Even though you are fishing extremely light and thin fishing line, you still want to fish flourocarbon leader so you have some abrasion resistance if that fish gets you in some structure. The fish can still see youre line too even though it is thin so fishing with a leader will help trick those spookier fish into biting.

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