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West Palm Beach, Fl Popping Fishing

Popping in West Palm Beach

Popping fishing is an exciting way to catch fish in West Palm Beach. Anglers will have success popping fishing inshore, offshore and surf fishing. Popping is a successful technique because it mimics a baitfish jumping out of the water fleeing from a predator. Other predatory fish keen in on this sound and sight then go after it thinking there is an easy meal close by. When a fish does hit your popper in West Palm Beach, it is an explosive bite. Be ready when that bite comes as well as many times the fish will explode out of the water to attempt and shake the hook loose.

What types of lures will I be using for Popping in West Palm Beach?

When talking about popping fishing in West Palm Beach, the image that comes to anglers’ minds are big ole lure with a big cupped face. Popping fishing encompasses so much more than just those types of lures. One that does not get enough credit is the popping cork that is fish with either a lure or live shrimp underneath it. You will pop the cork to mimic a feeding predator drawing other fish in to investigate. One of the top producing popping fishing lures in West Palm Beach is the top water plug. These plugs get worked in a walk the dog style by twitching your rod tip as you are reeling in. Traditional popping lures with a cupped face are used mainly offshore in schools of big tuna and Dolphin (Mahi Mahi).

What types of fish will I catch when popping fishing in West Palm Beach?

You will have a shot at catching all predatory fish in West Palm Beach that feed on bait in the top of the water column while popping fishing. Snook are the main target of popping fishing in the West Palm Beach area. Mainly you will be using top water plugs but popping corks with a Vudu Shrimp or Live shrimp can be deadly as well. Big jacks love popping lures, they cruise in schools and the competition for food can be fierce, so when they hear what they think could be an easy meal, they are quick to bite. Finnicky schooling Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) can be fired up by popping fishing. Work the plug quicky and the Mahi will chase it causing the school to also fire up.

How do you fish with topwater lures?

Topwater lures are a great technique for covering water and locating some active fish as well as an effective presentation to use when fish are visibly feeding on or near the surface. Take a long cast past the school of fish and begin erradically popping your lure back to you. If a fish boils behind your lure but does not take it, try either speeding up your presentation to mimick it being spooked by the fish, or give it a dead pause to give the fish a chance to circle back around and inhale the lure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a popping rod used for?

Popping rods are used for casting long distances, working big lures, and fighting big fish.

What is a popper fishing lure?

A popper is a fishing lure that floats on the surface and is designed to throw water as it is pulled across the surface of the water. These lures mimick a fleeing baitfish that has either been spooked or injured by a nearby predatory fish. When opportunistic fish see the action, they quickly react and strike the easy meal.

How do you fish a popping cork?

Popping corks allow you to keep your bait or lure in the strike zone while attracting attention to your bait with some surface disturbance. Give your popping cork two long pulls then let it sit. Remember you are not fishing a topwater lure, just using it to keep your lure in the strike zone, so let your lure sit for a long time (30-45 seconds) before popping again. If your cork goes under, set the hook!

How do you rig a popper float?

Rigging a popping cork is easy. We like to use 18-36" of flourocarbon leader between the cork and your hook or lure. Tie your main line directly to the top of the cork and let it fly!

What are the best popping fishing techniques?

There are multiple different scenerios where a variety of different popping techniques will work well in West Palm Beach. Slowly sweeping your rod with the tip down is a great technique. Give your rod two long sweeps then allow your lure to settle before sweeping again. Another extremely effective popping technique in West Palm Beach is to rapidly retrieve your lure across the surface at a stready pace. This will not allow the fish to get a good look at the lure and hit it on reaction.

What is a popping cork?

A popping cork is a cone shaped float designed to keep your bait or lure in the strike zone while creating surface commotion at the same time to attract curious fish in the area. The popping cork is also great for casting small presentations long distances.

What is the best popping lure?

The Shimano Orca Popper is our favorite popping lure for fishing in West Palm Beach. They have a large profile with an oversized cupped face and a water channeling system that sprays a ton of water when popped. They also come equipt with high quality inline single hooks out of the package and color patterns that the fish are quick to jump for.

What is the difference between a popping rod and a jigging rod?

Popping rods are generally much longer than jigging rods so you can load the rod up and cast much farther. Jigging rods offer much more leverage because they are so short. They are designed for fast vertical jigging and leverage while the popping rod is designed for casting long distances and power.

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