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West Palm Beach, Fl Spearfishing

Spearfishing in West Palm Beach

There are some great spearfishing opportunities in West Palm Beach. With the gulf stream coming so close to our shores, the water clarity is fantastic for divers and spearfishing. There are numerous areas to go spearfishing in West Palm Beach. Manmade reefs are scattering along our coastline with many close enough to shore that beach goers can snorkel. There are many natural reefs along with natural bottom that attract all sorts of fish that spear fisher’s prize. For the more technical divers, there are several wrecks and deep ledges that hold some monster sized fish as those areas do not see the same pressure as reefs in shallow water in West Palm Beach.

What do I need to go spearfishing in West Palm Beach?

Before you go spearfishing in West Palm Beach, there are a few items you want to make sure you have. First is the obvious gear of tanks, dive gear, etc. Before you go out, and wherever you have your tanks filled, talk to your local dice experts and find out where the best places for you to dive are based on your skill level and target species. Next you want to do some research on the dive boat you are going out with in West Palm Beach, speak with the company and also explain your goals to the captain.

What types of fish will I get when Spearfishing in West Palm Beach?

The list of fish that you may get while spearfishing in West Palm Beach is a long one. Since the gulfstream comes so close to shore and with West Palm Beach being just above the sub tropic zone, many fish species call the waters home. Most sperafishers will be target snapper and groupers. Snappers can vary from Yellowtail, Mutton, Mangrove and the big Cubera’s. Grouper are mainly only taken by spearfishing in West Palm Beach and you will find Black, Gag and Red grouper plentiful in the area.

Most Popular Types of Fishing in West Palm Beach, Fl Spearfishing

Top Techniques in West Palm Beach, Fl Spearfishing

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