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West Palm Beach, Fl Inshore Fishing

Inshore Fishing in West Palm Beach

When anglers think about West Palm Beach, they usually think about offshore fishing. However, inshore fishing is excellent and does not see much pressure compared to other areas in south Florida. Inshore fishing is considered any waters that are inside of the inlet. This includes the ICW, backwaters and canal systems around West Palm Beach. There are numerous ways to inshore fish in West Palm Beach whether it be from shore, small boats and kayaks. If you are fishing inshore form a boat, make sure you understand the waters and tides you will be in as it is easy to get stranded during tide changes.

What type of fish will I catch when Inshore Fishing in West Palm Beach?

There are all sorts of fish that live and cruise through the inshore waters of West Palm Beach. Anglers mainly target a few different species like Snook, Tarpon, Snapper , Trout and Redfish. While these are the main targets of inshore anglers in West Palm Beach, some other less targeted species are Moonfish (Lookdown Fish), Snapper, Spanish and Jacks. Some of these species can get extremely large and you will need a heavy setup if you want to have a chance at landing them in West Palm Beach. Other species you may find along the way when inshore fishing are sharks, rays and catfish.

Targeting fish while Inshore Fishing in West Palm Beach

There are two main ways you will be inshore fishing in West Palm Beach. First is by water whether that be from a boat or a kayak. When inshore fishing in West Palm Beach form water, you want to find areas that will hold bait. These areas can be pilings, oyster cars, mangroves or any inshore structure that could protect baitfish from predators. Predatory fish frequent these same areas waiting for bait to be pushed around by the tides or they will push the schools of bait to an area that is easy for them to pick them off. For anglers inshore fishing from land in West Palm Beach, you also want to look for areas that provide shelter for baitfish. Fishing around docks, pilings and shoreline with mangroves will give you the best chance at getting tight in West Palm Beach.

Inshore fishing by boat vs. on foot?

You can target all of the Inshore species caught around the inshore waters of West Palm Beach both by boat or by shore on foot. Both have their pros and cons and both can be extremely productive. Fishing from a boat, however, is almost always more productive than fishing on foot. Being on a boat allows you to access more areas, fish from different and better angles (under bridges) and land fish much easier than when on foot. However, fishing from shore allows you to cover more water in a quicker amount of time, and you get a different prespective on the water. When standing on shore, usually you are elevated high off the water so you can see what is going on much better. On the boat, you have to set anchor to effectively fish an area while on foot you can quickly bounce around spot to spot or fish a different section of the structre if you are not getting bites without having to pull your anchor and reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered inshore fishing?

Inshore Fishing in West Palm Beach includes the surf zone, inlets, and backwaters of West Palm Beach. In other areas, 1-3 miles from shore can also be considered inshore but in West Palm Beach, we limit Inshore fishing to the surf and backwaters because the Gulf Stream Current, where anglers regularly catch pelagic species, pushes in so close to shore here. Inshore anglers target species like Snook, Snapper, Tarpon and Jack Crevalle which regularly cruise in the surf zone, inlets and backwaters of West Palm Beach

Where can I inshore fish in saltwater in West Palm Beach?

The best places for inshore saltwater fishing in West Palm Beach is along the beach, in the inlet and in the backwater on the bridges and around the islands and ICW in West Palm Beach.

What is the best inshore fishing in West Palm Beach, Florida?

The best inshore fishing in West Palm beach depenends on the time of year and what baitfish are running. During the Mullet Run, the beach and inlet are the places to be. Once that’s over and the shrimp flush begins, the best inshore fishing in West Palm Beach will be on the bridges where the fish will be stacked up ambushing shrimp. In the summer, the Snook are spawning along the beach and in the inlet so this is where the best inshore fishing for all species will take place in the summer, as many other species of fish are hanging right around those spawning Snook.

What fish are biting inshore in West Palm Beach?

There is a long list of species that you will catch while inshore fishing in West Palm Beach. The most popluar species to catch in West Palm Beach are Snook and Snapper. Mangrove, Mutton, and Lane Snapper are all extremely prevalent in the inshore waters of West Palm Beach. Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Bonefish, Pompano, Blue Runner, Cubera Snapper, Goliath Grouper, and Sharks are a few more species you can run into while inshore fishing in West Palm Beach.

What will I catch fishing at the Palm Beach Inlet?

The Lake Worth Inlet in West Palm Beach is home to just about all of the Inshore Species you can catch here in West Palm Beach at different points in the season. Anglers who frequent the inlet often catch Snook, Snapper (Mangrove), Snapper (Mutton), Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Ladyfish, and Spanish Mackerel.

Inshore Fishing with Lures vs. Live Bait?

Inshore fishing with lures and with live bait are two completely different techniques that are both productive at different times. When the fish are finicky, live bait is always the way to go. However, if the fish are more spread out, or they are biting well, artifical lures are the way to go. Although fish love eating live baits, usually anglers fishing them are stationary or stuck in one small area, while anglers using lures can cover a lot more water very quickly to find the productive zone where the fish are and then fish that area hard. Remember that 10% of the water holds 90% of the fish so finding that productive zone and continuously sweeping your lure through it can often times be a lot more productive than soaking a live bait and waiting for those fish to come to you.

What does it mean to "Match The Hatch" for inshore fishing in West Palm Beach?

Matching the Hatch is an old fly fishing term that reminds you to match the size of your baitfish or lure profile to the size of the baitfish the fish are naturally eating. This is a great general rule of thumb to follow when deciding what lure to use while inshore fishing in West Palm Beach. Because of how heavily pressured these fish are, they are often times fairly tricky to fool and you must present the perfect lure to these fish to get a bite.

Where is an inshore tackle and bait store in West Palm Beach?

Fishin My Best Life Bait and Tackle is the top rated inshore store for all inshore lures, baits, rods, reels and expert advice

Most Popular Types of Fishing in West Palm Beach, Fl Inshore Fishing

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