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West Palm Beach, Fl Reef Fishing

Reef fishing in West Palm Beach

Reef fishing is a great way to get some tasty fish in the boat in West Palm Beach. The reefs in West Palm Beach are accessible to anglers of all boat sizes and styles as they are within 3 miles of shore. These reef systems are a mix of manmade and natural reefs. These reef systems are also popular with divers so be sure to watch out for diver down flags. Reefs provide a natural refuge for baitfish and smaller predatory fish. Large predatory fish frequent the reefs in West Palm Beach looking for an easy meal. As the reefs are made up of manmade materials, rocks and coral, you need to be careful about getting your rigs caught in them in West Palm Beach. Not only will you lose your rig, but it can also cause damage to the organisms living on it.

Tips for reef fishing in West Palm Beach

One of the biggest mistake anglers make when reef fishing in West Palm Beach is dropping anchor on the reef. This not only damages the reef but once you scope out your anchor, you are too far away from the reef to effectively fish it. Second biggest mistake anglers make is when they do anchor up current of the reef, they stop directly over the reef. This is not a good tactic as it diminishes the presentation of your bait or lure. Ideally you want to stop about 30' from the reef. This will allow you to let you bait drift naturally towards the reef and by the fish. This gives you bait the best possible presentation and looks natural to the fish in West Palm Beach. You want to let your bait drift from your boat with the current slowing falling into the feeding zone.

How to fish the Reef in West Palm Beach

When reef fishing in West Palm Beach, you will either be drift fishing or anchored up on a spot you think is holding fish. Drift fishing is best when you have reefs that do not have a high profile to reduce your chance of snags. Before you put your lines out to drift the reef in West Palm Beach, take a min to know how your boat will be drifting with the current and wind. If you do not get a bite on the first drift, start your drift just outside the original position and always mark when you get a bite to really dial in your drift line on the reef in West Palm Beach. For high relief reefs, watch your bottom finder and mark the spot that you think is holding fish. Get up current of the spot you marked on the reef and drop anchor. When you are anchored up in West Palm Beach, you want to be 20’-50’ away from the mark if using a chum line and be on the down current side if you are dropping lines directly to the bottom.

How to find reefs in West Palm Beach

There are a few ways to find reefs in West Palm Beach. The first place you want to start are the public charts that show all the manmade reefs in the area and some even show some the natural reefs. Then you are going to want to speak with your local tackle shop as they know the waters better than anyone in the area as they are constantly speaking with local anglers and captains. Now it is time for you to put in the work yourself. You need to use your bottom finder and spend time motoring around areas in West Palm Beach that may have reefs and seeing which ones hold life and the type of reef that is there. Reefs can be sea fans, coral heads or just rocky bottom. All of these types of reefs hold fish but each one most likely holds different species depending on depth and relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fishing Hot Spots?

Fishing hot spots are areas that hold fish. Most of the ones you will buy or find online are publicly published numbers. They can range from manmade reefs, wrecks or good bottom.

Where are the reefs and wreck maps in West Palm Beach?

You can find maps to the reefs and wrecks on this site. You can also visit the local county natural resources page as many have maps of the manmade reefs and wrecks in the area.

How do I find reefs for fishing?

Look at the public maps Talk to your local tackle shop Spend time on the water watching your bottom finder Hire a captain to come on your boat with you

Are there shipwrecks in West Palm Beach?

Yes there are many wrecks in West Palm Beach. Most are purposely sunk for the purpose of create a habitat for fish

What is a fishing reef in West Palm Beach?

A fishing reef in West Palm Beach is any manmade material put on the sea floor for the purpose of creating a haven for local fish to congreate, feed and breed

What types of reefs are there for fishing?

There are 3 main types of reefs that you will come across in West Palm Beach Natural with Coral Heads Natural with Sea Fans Manmade Reefs

How do I fish manmade reefs?

Drifting baits over manmade reefs is best as they are more complex than natural reefs and by drifting over them you have a better chance of presenting your baits around the structure

How do I fish natural reefs in West Palm Beach?

You want to anchor up current of natural reefs and stop about 30' from where is begins. Then allow your bait to drift naturally back over the reef

Most Popular Types of Fishing in West Palm Beach, Fl Reef Fishing

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