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Zoom G-Tail Worm

by Zoom

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The Zoom G-Tail Worm features a thick body and a wide tail, a throwback to the gator-tail design made popular in the 70s and 80s. The G-Tail's square body shape and wide tail offers a larger presentation, making it a great choice when going after big fish. The Zoom Bait G-Tail Worm is a good fit for either Texas rigs or Carolina rigs but can also be fished weightless to create a buzzing action on the surface. This modern take on the gator tail worm is a timeless throwback, perfect for river systems and any place that a little more tail action is desirable. Salt impregnated. Size = 6".

DescTitle: G-Tail "Gator Tail" Worm , 6", 10Pk, Red Shad
Lure Size: 6"
Lure Color: Red Shad
Lure Body Type: Softbait
Lure Classification: Freshwater
Model Lure Size Lure Color Lure Body Type Lure Classification Price
086029-SP 6" Red Shad Softbait Freshwater $6.09
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G-Tail "Gator Tail" Worm , 6", 10Pk, Red Shad

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Zoom G-Tail Worm
Sold Out ($6.09)
G-Tail "Gator Tail" Worm , 6", 10Pk, Red Shad
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Red Shad
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